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Advanced Log Interpretation in Field Development
Presented by: Richard Merkel, Denver Petrophysics, LLC


The authors were involved in a project in the Monument Butte field in the Uinta Basin to evaluate the potential of reducing vertical well spacing from 20 acres to 10 acres in a field where a secondary water flood has been in effect since 1987. Water injection is co-mingled in the 25 highly discontinuous fluvial sand bodies in the Lower Green River formation.


The initial objective of the study was to test if dielectric logs could identify where the low salinity water flood breakthrough occurred in infill wells. Since dielectric log interpretation gives bulk volume water (BVW) somewhat independent of water salinity, we hoped to identify sands with breakthrough of low-salinity injection water so engineers could avoid these zones when completing infill producing wells. We designed an initial testing program using dielectric, NMR, and triple combo data combined with rotary sidewall core and RFT measurements.


The added dielectric logging, core, and pressure data on infill wells met the original objectives, but also were used to determine numerous additional reservoir properties in the pay interval such as: 1) wettability, 2) relative permeability, 3) Archie saturation exponents, 4) better OIP calculations, 5) residual oil saturation (Sor), and 6) reservoir pressure (depleted, native state, and water flood over pressure). Each of these factors provided input in the zone completion of the infill oil producers, as well as which wells and intervals should be converted from producer to injector. Examples show the log response, analysis, and results in the independent and/or isolated producing sands in Monument Butte. Also shown is how RFT down hole pressure measurements and core analysis aided and verified the interpretation.


Dick Merkel is President of Denver Petrophysics LLC, which is a consulting firm dedicated to developing logging analytical techniques for petrophysical models tied to core, completion, and production data in complex reservoirs.  Previously, he worked at Newfield Exploration Company where he worked on teams that developed reservoir models for unconventional oil and gas reservoirs in the Rocky Mountains.  Prior to its closing in 2000, he was a Senior Technical Consultant at Marathon Oil Company's Petroleum Technology Center in Littleton, CO where he worked for 13 years on evaluating new logging tools and technology, and developing techniques for their application in Marathon's reservoirs.  Dick holds a BS in Physics from St. Lawrence University and a MS and Ph.D. in Geophysics from Penn State.  He is a past president of SPWLA, the SPWLA Foundation, and DWLS, and is currently a member of SPWLA, SPE, and SCA.

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