SPWLA Permian Basin Section - Midland


The SPWLA Permian Basin Chapter Welcomes

Robert Lee with Core Laboratories as he presents “High Frequency NMR in Unconventional Core Analysis”


Tuesday, February 28, 2017
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Midlanc College Carrasco Room
 (3600 N Garfield St, by the bookstore)
$25 with RSVP or $35 without RSVP

RSVP to PermianBasin@spwla.org or 432-254-7059

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High Frequency NMR in Unconventional Core Analysis

High frequency (22 MHz) NMR techniques have been applied to core analysis for obtaining petrophysical properties and are shown to have superior advantages in measuring low porosity samples and short T2 components compared to conventional 2 MHz NMR.  We show that due to the enhanced sensitivities, higher frequency NMR relaxation times (T1 and T2) on standard 1-inch core plugs, cuttings or crushed core samples can detect and measure small changes as low as 0.02mL, affecting both porosities and saturations. The short inter-echo spacing of 0.07ms enables acquisition of NMR echo trains to cover the relaxation times in the tenths of a microsecond range to measure small pores in the nanometer scale, and organic pores present in many tight mudstones.  Furthermore using the T2 analysis alone is not an adequate method for characterizing the fluids found in mudstones due to the coexistence of water, oil and other hydrocarbons. A new 2-dimensional T1-T2 correlation mapping technique can be used to identify and quantify solid hydrocarbons, such as bitumen and kerogen, viscous oil, bound water, light oil and free water in shales of various formations based on T1/T2 ratio and map patterns. A quick analytical routine test method has been developed to obtain saturations of water and oil with the use of multi-variant analysis techniques, and this test method shows results are in good agreement with those from the Dean Stark distillation analyses.

Robert Lee is currently the General Manager for the Petroleum Services Division Core Analysis Laboratories located within the United States.  He is past Area Manager for Advanced Rock Properties at Core Laboratories’ Advanced Technology Center in Houston and previous Manager of the Petrophysics Laboratory also located in Houston, Texas.  Reservoir evaluation and characterization through Advanced Core Analysis and Reservoir Geology testing are the primary focus of these laboratories.




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