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 Distinguished Speaker List

The SPWLA Distinguished Speaker Program provides local Chapters a contact list of persons in high industry regard who are able and willing to speak on certain topic(s) of interest at local chapter meetings. The persons below have been designated and have agreed to serve as SPWLA Distinguished Speakers for the year 2016-17. Some speakers have offered a number of options for topics; it is expected that the talks could be modified slightly to meet local interest. The talks proposed here are all amongst the top papers presented at the 2016 International 57th Annual Symposium, Reykjavik, Iceland.  Please forward this list to your local chapter Presidents.

Distinguished Speakers list below.

Please ask chapters to contact speakers directly, and ask chapters to copy Regional Directors with this correspondence. There are some limited SPWLA funds to cover speaker travel expenses; in the past this has been reserved for speakers not associated with an operator or service company. If there is an issue with travel cost, please contact me in advance.  In order to reduce the burdens on persons serving as Distinguished Speaker, please attempt to coordinate travel so that multiple chapters may be visited on a single trip.  The speakers are also asked to contact local chapters to volunteer talks when it fits into their normal travel schedule.

I urge local chapters to make an extra effort for local university students to attend the Distinguished Speaker presentation by offering free or lowered cost meals and by informing students of the presentation through contacts with key professors.  

Zoya Heidari

SPWLA VP Education VP-Education@spwla.org

2016-2017 Distinguished Speakers:

Monica Vik Constable  mvc@statoil.com Statoil ASA, Europe, Paper MMMM, Looking Ahead of the Bit While Drilling: From Vision to Reality


Carlos Torres Verdin and/or German Merletti, cverdin@austin.utexas.edu; German.Merletti@bp.com, BP, North America, Paper B, How Pore-Scale Attributes May Be Used to Derive Robust Drainage and Imbibition Water Saturation Models in Complex Tight-Gas Reservoirs


Stein Ottar Stalheim, stos@statoil.com, Statoil ASA, Europe, Paper AAAA, On uncertainty estimation and make use of first order error propagation as integral part of petrophysical calculation.


Geoff Page and/or Holger Thern, Geoff.Page@BakerHughes.com; Holger.Thern@bakerhughes.com, Baker Hughes, Europe, Paper CCCC, Joint Interpretation of Magnetic Resonance Fluid Volumes and Resistivity-Based Water Saturation A Missed Opportunity?


Jennifer Market, Jennifer.Market@Weatherford.com, Weatherford, North America, Paper DDD, Understanding Acoustic Data in Unconventional Reservoirs


Richard (Dick) Merkel, denverpetro@icloud.com, Denver Petrophysics, North America, Paper GGG, Advanced Log Interpretation in Field Development


Mayank Malik, MMalik@chevron.com, Chevron Energy Technology Company, North America, Paper KK, How Can Microfracturing Improve Reservoir Management?


Paul Craddock, PCraddock@slb.com, Schlumberger, North America, Paper VVV, Assessing Reservoir Quality in Tight Oil Plays with the Downhole Reservoir Producibility Index (RPI)


Boqin Sun, BSUN@chevron.com, Chevron, North America, Paper PP, Using NMR to Characterize Fluids in Unconventional Tight Rock and Shale


Oliver C. Mullins, mullins1@slb.com, Schlumberger, North America, Paper NN, Reservoir Evaluation, Downhole Fluid Analysis and Reservoir Fluid Geodynamics


Marco Pirrone, Marco.Pirrone@eni.com, Eni S.p.A., Europe, Paper NNN, Specific Productivity Index from Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Production Logging: an Innovative Way to Address Production Optimization and Reservoir Modeling Issues


Matthew Blyth and/or Pu Wang, MBlyth@slb.com; pu.perry.wang@gmail.com, Schlumberger, North America, Paper PPPP, Dipole Shear Anisotropy Using Logging-While-Drilling Sonic Tools


Denise Freed, freed1@slb.com, Schlumberger, North America, Paper L, A Physics-Based Model for the Dielectric Response of Shaly Sands


Serge V. Galley, Serge.Galley@shell.com, Shell, North America, Paper Y, Petrophysical Cut off Definition based on Dynamic Reservoir Parameters


Alan Sibbit and/or Ravinath Kausik, alan.sibbit@me.com; rviswanathan@slb.com, Schlumberger, North America, Paper UUU, Novel Determination of Total Gas in Place (TGIP) for Gas Shale from Magnetic Resonance Logs

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