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Welcome the new SPWLA Curve Mnemonics Search. This page will enable you to search our curve mnemonic database. While every effort has been made to ensure that the data is up-to-date, please bear in mind that recent changes made by service companies may not yet be incorporated into our database. Also, please remember that some or all of the data contained within these files have been copyrighted by the originating Service Company.

Search Instructions:

To search for a specific curve mnemonic, just enter it into the mnemonic name box and click on search.

For more advanced searchs, you may search by any one or all of the fields. For example selecting a company from the pull down box and entering 'bulk density' in the description field will yield all mnemonics with 'bulk density' in the description for that company.

Search Guidelines

Partial entries can be used if you are not sure of the exact spelling.

Searchs are case insensitive


While we are trying to standardize this database, please note that at the present time, not all of the search fields listed are available for every company. For example, although 'unit' is a searchable field, entries do not presently exist for every company, so a search by unit by company may not yield any results. Should no results be found, try a more general search.

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