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Malaysian Chapter (Kuala Lumpur)






Thursday 19th June 2014


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm


KL Convention Centre, Room 405

 Entrance is free.


To help us with the organisation and catering for this event you are kindly requested to register by sending an email with subject title “Registration FESM 19-JUNE-2014” to Please register no later than by Wednesday (18-June) EOB.


Extended Rolo: "Highlights from the SPWLA Symposium in Abu Dhabi"


Main Talk: "New Tricks with Old Dips"


Extended Rolo: Dr Lutz Riepe(PE/PSCB)


Main Talk: Lawrence Bourke & Dr. Jeremy Prosser (Task Fronterra Geoscience)


A flyer can be downloaded from  here


 Geoscientists have been analyzing “dip data” from boreholes ever since the Schlumberger brothers and Henri Doll first described “The electromagnetic teleclinometer and dipmeter” in 1933.  Since  then we have seen the development of many different dipmeter and borehole imaging tools. Borehole image logs are now routinely acquired using optical, electrical, acoustic or nuclear logging principles.  Coupled with the huge advances seen in measurement techniques, recent years have seen step changes in computing technology, which have culminated in wide accessibility to image processing and interpretation.  Once, processing and interpretation of such data required specialist software, experience and expensive workstations. Nowadays these tasks are routinely undertaken using PC’s and laptops.  Given the advanced level of current technology, and the impact of modern high resolution borehole images, it is very easy to overlook the wealth of vintage data existing in archives.  These archives comprise datasets from basins throughout the globe, and there are literally thousands of old dipmeter surveys, which are capable of providing highly valuable geological information.  The earliest data forms may only be preserved as paper copies, and the vintage log formats and presentation styles may vary significantly. For example, the results of continuous 3-arm dipmeter data computations from the 1960’s are sometimes found only as summary annotations on log composite plots in end of well completion reports. Data from 1950’s vintage diplogs may exist as even sparser listings.  However both can be valuable in helping reveal important dip trends or structural breaks in a succession.

 Vintage data might be considered to include, vintage dip data which never existed in digital form,  dip data which no longer exists as digital data, or dip data which exists as digital data on problematic media. These data types can typically be “rescued”, and modern dipmeter and borehole image interpretation tools can add value to even sparse vintage data.  Even low density vintage dip data from historical offset wells can provide valuable geological control points to add confidence to a 3D model or map, or help solve geological issues that may have been identified in a field with a long history.     Furthermore, it might be fair to state that in some areas, vintage dipmeters were acquired at a high frequency, perhaps much more so than their more modern and more expensive image log counterparts.  In this respect they can form a prolific dataset.

 The talk will provide a brief historical review of dipmeter and imaging technologies, describing the various types of vintage data you may encounter, and the ways in which it can be “rescued” and subsequently utilised for re-evaluation and integration as part of an analysis using the most modern interpretation tools available.   We will also briefly outline some of the archive related issues that may be encountered when you visit vintage data !





Lawrence Bourke, CEO, Task Fronterra Geoscience

Lawrence Bourke has an MSc degree in Sedimentology from the University of Reading and a BSc in Geology from The University of Strathclyde. His career start was in core-based sedimentology with Palaeoservices in 1979, and then three years as a field development geologist with Sun Oil 1983-1985.

He joined Schlumberger in 1985 as applications development geologist and worked on the GLT, and then MST, FMS and OBDT. He then formed a consultancy group within Schlumberger specialising in image interpretation.  He has worked since as an image interpretation geologist with Z&S, Baker Hughes and for the last 12 years with Task Geoscience, now Task Fronterra Geoscience. He is currently based in Perth, Western Australia.


Jeremy Prosser, Global Business Development Manager, Task Fronterra Geoscience

Jeremy Prosser has a PhD in Sedimentology from the University of Aston, Birmingham, an MSc from the University of South Carolina, and a BSc from Aston. His early career was in core-based sedimentological and diagenetic studies with GAPS Geological Consultants. He was a post doctoral student lecturing in sedimentology at the University of Aberdeen for five years where he supervised several PhD and MSc students, after which he joined  Z&S Aberdeen in 1994 as a senior sedimentologist working on borehole image data. He transferred with Z&S to Perth WA in 1996 to set up their regional office. He then spent eight years with Baker Atlas as Asia Pacific Geoscience Manager and subsequently  Asia Pacific Region Sales Manager, before joining Task Geoscience as Business Development Manager, Asia. He is currently Global Business Development Manager for Task Fronterra Geoscience, based in Perth, Western Australia.







Our sponsors are gratefully acknowledged for their support in helping to create a discussion forum and developing the Malaysian formation evaluation community.


The purpose of the Formation Evaluation Society of Malaysia (FESM), a Chapter of the SOCIETY OF PETROPHYSICISTS AND WELL LOG ANALYSTS (SPWLA) is, in general, the same as stated in Article IV of the SPWLA Amended Articles of Incorporation, and specifically to advance the science of formation evaluation. The FESM is responsible to, and subject to, the Amended Articles and by-laws of the parent SPWLA.


To apply for membership in the FESM please send an email to the secretariat at indicating your first name, last name, company, current position and preferred email address, which will be added to our mail distribution list. Unlike SPWLA, there is no requirement for active engagement in formation evaluation through analysis of well logs and/or related data, no references are required and there are no dues or fees to be paid for FESM membership. Regular mailings will keep FESM members up to date with our technical programme and other events. 






 17-18 February

EAGE/FESM Joint Regional Conference "Petrophysics Meets Geoscience - From Nano Pores to Mega Structures" 

16th January

"Oil Fingerprinting and its diverse applications"; by Peter Abolins and Siti Najmi Farhan Zulkipli (PETRONAS)


5th December 

"Multiphysics Characterization for Static and Dynamic Reservoir Properties"; by Ben Clennell (CSIRO)

"Upstream Information Release Guidelines and Process"; Ro-Lo presentation by Dr. Budi P.Kantaatmadja (PETRONAS)

Click here to download Dr.Budi P.Kantaatmadja's presentation

 21st November

"The continuous scratch profile: a high resolution strength log for geo-mechanical and petro-physical characterization of rocks"; by Thomas Richard (EPSLOG)

 Click here to download Thomas Richard's presentation

 17th October

"From Advanced Mud Logging, via some Original Fluid Contacts, to a Depth Consortium"; by Ton Loermans (SPWLA 2012-2013 Distinguished Lecturer)

 3rd October

"Master Seminar on Saturation"; by Dr.Lutz Reipe, Jules Reed, Stephen Adams, Long Jiang, Chiew F. Choo 

 Click here to download Dr.Lutz Reipe's presentation

 Click here to download Long Jiang's presentation

21st August 

"Capillary Pressure Modeling and its application to reservoir characterization"; by Arunesh Mukhopadhyay (Shell)

 20th June

 "NMR for Geological Facies Identification"; by Sherif Farag (Schlumberger)

 Click here to download Sherif Farag's presentation

22nd May 

"Translating Petrophysics to Engineering micro-Economics"; by M.Mehmet Altunbay (PETRONAS Carigali)

18th April 

"Do core measurements still represent the 'Groundtruth' for integrated petrophysical studies in complex Carbonate Formations? Introducing new developments in logging technology and interpretation for the producing carbonate reservoirs of the Arabian Gulf"; by Jonathan Hall (Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Operations)

21st March 

"Where does Pore Scale Analysis add Value?"; by Joseph Hamilton (Australian National University)

 Click here to download Joseph Hamilton's presentation

21st February

"Modern Wireline Formation Testing"; by George Stewart (Weatherford)

 Click here to download George Stewart's presentation

 31st January

"Image Petrophysics: A Fresh Look at Image Logs"; by Richard Holland (Weatherford)

 Click here to download Richard Holland's presentation


 17th December

Talk#1:"Measuring Isolation Integrity in Depleted Reservoirs"; by Long Jiang (Schlumberger)

 Click here to download Long Jiang's presentation

Talk#2:"Now You See It, Now You Don't! The Illusions of Cement Evaluation Logs"; by Ko Ko Kyi (PETRONAS)


 29th November

Topical Seminar: "Thin-Bed Evaluation; Petrophysical Challenges & Solutions; Methods, tools, And Case Studies"

Speakers: Adriaan Bal(Baker Hughes), Paul Worthington(Gaffney,Cline & Associates), Roland Chemali(Halliburton), Tom Neville(Schlumberger), Steve Adams(, Andrew Griffin(Murphy) and Frederic Robail(Shell)

  Click here to download Adriaan Bal's presentation

 Click here to download Roland Chemali's presentation

 Click here to download Tom Neville's presentation

 Click here to download Steve Adams's presentation

 Click here to download Frederic Robail's presentation

Paul Worthington's paper SPE-163071-PA-P can be downloaded from OnePetro.

25th October 

Topic#1: "Permeability Anisotropy and Measurement Scale in Heterogeneous Formations"; by Matt Honarpour (Hess Corp.)

 Click here to download Matt Honarpour's 1st presentation

Topic#2: "Critical Rock, Fluid and Rock-Fluid Characterization for Liquid Rich Shale Reservoirs"; by Matt Honarpour (Hess Corp.)

 Click here to download Matt Honarpour's 2nd presentation

20th September 

"Quantitative Characterization of Carbonate Pore Systems by Digital Image Analysis of End Member Lithologies"; by Stefan M. Luthi (Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands)

 Click here to download Stefan Luthi's presentation

It is classified as "Read only" document. The proper reference should always be made.

 24th May

"An Integrated Workflow for natural fracture and porosity evaluation in granitic reservoirs"
By Sherif Farag (Schlumberger)

 Click here to download Sherif Farag's presentation

 19th April

"Defining Reservoir from Seismic and Well Test Data:  Reasons for Caution from the Northern Malay Basin"; By Duncan Barr, Senior Regional Geologist, Carigali Hess Operating Company

22nd March 

"Permeability Seminar"
Speakers: Lutz Riepe (PETRONAS Carigali), Colin McPhee (Senergy), Chiew F. Choo (PETRONAS Carigali), Paul F. Worthington (GCA), Grant Heavysege (ExxonMobil)

Please contact Paul F. Worthington directly if you want his paper references. His email is

 23rd February

"Water Saturation From Generic Capillary Pressure Data"
By A. H. Asari Ramli (PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.) 

Click here to download Asari Ramli's presentation

17th January

"Rock Physics Us or Them? - A Geophysicist's Perspective"
By Bill Lodwick (Fletchwick International Pty Ltd)

Click here to download Bill Lodwick's presentation


15th December 

"LWD Resistivity Response Interpretation in SE Asia"
By Carlos Maeso (Schlumberger)

30th November 

"Formation damage - Any Time, Any Place, Any Where"
By Mike Byrne (Senergy)


Click here to download Mike Byrne's presentation

15th September 

"S.E. Asia Deep-Water Deposits - Geology and Formation Evaluation challenges from a Borehole Perspective (primarily borehole images and 3D resistivity)"
By Adrian Bal (Baker Atlas)


Click here to download Adri Bal's presentation

7th July

"Something About Nothing - "Towards a Better Understanding of Carbonate Porosity"
By Dr. Richard Bray (PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.)


Click here to download part 1/2 of Dr. Richard Bray's  presentation


Click here to download part 2/2 of Dr. Richard Bray's presentation

23rd June 

Master seminar on "Porosity"
Speakers: Paul F. Worthington (Gaffney, Cline & Ass.), Duncan Barr (Carigali-Hess), Bob East (Core Lab), Mehmet Altunbay (PETRONAS), Arnout Everts (LEAP Energy)


Paul Worthington provided the following references to his presentation:
- Worthington, P.F.  1997. Application of investigative engineering to formation evaluation  3 - Determination of porosity. Scientific Drilling, 6(1), 1-13.
- Worthington, P.F.  1998. Conjunctive interpretation of core and log data through association of the effective and total porosity models. In: Core-Log Integration (P.K. Harvey & M.A. Lovell: Eds.), Geological Society, London, Special Publication, 136, 213-223.
- Worthington, P.F.  2010. Quality-assured evaluation of effective porosity using fit-for-purpose estimates of clay-mineral volume fraction. Journal of Applied Geophysics, 71, 36-45. 


Click here to download Bob East's presentation

26th May 

"Impact of Geology and Geophysics on low cost well design"
By Dr. Keng Seng Chan (PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.)


Click here to download Dr. Keng Seng Chan's presentation

21st April 

"New Technologies for Petrophysics: Applications of Micro-CT Tomograms and Pore Network Modeling to Evaluate the Storage and Flow Capacity of Tight Gas and Basement Reservoirs"
By Dr. Lutz Riepe (PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.)

10th March 

"Fluid logging: The Advantages of Quantitative Fluid Evaluation While Drilling"
By Dr. Martin Niemann (Geoservices)


Click here to download Martin Niemann's presentation

17th February

"What Do We Need Spectroscopy Mineralogy For?"
By Jean-Baptiste Peyaud (Baker Hughes Inc.)

18th January

"Effect of Incompatible Drilling Fluids on Formation Evaluation: It Must Be The Geology's Fault!!!"
By John Kennedy (Hess Oil & Gas Sdn. Bhd.)


13th December

"Formation Evaluation in Fresh Water Shaly Sands of the Malay Basin"
By Grant Heavysege (ESSO Production Malaysia Inc.)    


Grant Heavysege's work was presented earlier on 20th September 2010 at the Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM) in Kuala Lumpur. It was an oral presentation that has not been published.

21st October

"State-of-the-art Permeability Determination from Well Logs to Predict Drainage Capillary Water Saturation in Clastic Rocks"
By SPWLA Distinguished Lecturer Chiew F. Choo (Petronas)


Chiew's paper was prepared for presentation at the SPWLA 51st Annual Logging Symposium held in Perth, Australia, June 19-23 - 2010 (Paper 2010-RR)

23rd September

"Integration of Real Time Logging While Drilling and Geomechanics to Monitor, Calibrate and Predict Pore Pressure"
By Leo Anis, Aqil Ahmed, Scott Fey (Schlumberger)

 1st July

"Downhole Fluid Analysis coupled with Asphaltene Nanoscience for Reservoir Evaluation "
By Dr. Oliver C. Mullins (Schlumberger)


Click here to download Oliver Mullins' presentation

17th June

First talk: "Formation Fluid and ID Sampling While Drilling"
By Mark Proett (Halliburton)
Second talk: "Shale Gas: Challenging Petrophysics and Geology in a Broader Development and Production Context"

By Luc Bolle (Baker Hughes)


Click here to download Luc Bolle's presentation 

20th May

"Net Sand Count from Image Logs in Thin Bedded Environments using an Optimised Synthetic Cut-Off"
By Chinedu Anijekwu (Sarawak Shell Bhd, Miri)

15th April

"From Pore Throat to Seismic: Tying the Geology to the Physics"
By Duncan Barr (Carigali Hess)

25th March

"Chemostratigraphy (Overview of Technique & Case Study)"
By John Woods (Chemostrat Ltd., Welshpool, U.K.) 

25th February

10th Anniversary Celebration Programme: 
"Short Overview of 10 years FESM (1999 - 2009)"

"Digital Core Technology"

By SPWLA Distinguished Lecturer Mark Knackstedt (Australian National University, Canberra)

"Dicussion on "Past, Present and Future of Petrophysics in Malaysia"

21st January

"Enhanced Crosswell Reservoir Monitoring Using Seismic & Electromagnetic Measurements"
By: Ajay Nalonnil (Schlumberger)



19th November

"Training of the Future Geoscience Workforce for the Malaysian Oil and Gas Industry"
By Dr Zuhar Zahir (Universiti Teknologi Petronas) and Dr Ralph Kugler ( Universiti Malaya) 

10th September

"Rock Strength from Core and Logs: Where We Stand and Ways to Go"
By Toby Kayes (Helix RDS)

 20th August

"Speed and precision: Pore-scale reservoir rock characterization using digital rocks"
By: Sven Roth (Numerical Rock AS)


 Click here to download Sven Roth's presentation

18th June

"Compact™ C-Thru Logging, a New Look at Formation Density Measurements"
By James Autry (Weatherford)


James Autry's presentation was based on the article "Cased Hole Formation Density Logging with a Compact Open Hole Tool, and Implications for Gas Zone Evaluation" by P.A.S. Elkington (Weatherford), J.R. Samworth (Weatherford) & C.A. Pereira (Weatherford) published in the SPWLA Symposium Transactions 2006, Paper BBB.

21st May

"Use of Cased Hole Dynamics Tester (CHDT) to Mitigate Risk in Measuring Pressures in Drawndown Reservoirs "
By Yee Ling Yak (ExxonMobil)

5th February

"Dielectric Dispersion: A New Wireline Petrophysical Measurement"
By Michel Claverie (Schlumberger)


Michel Claverie's presentation was based on the work published in 2008 by Hizem M., Budan H., Deville B., Faivre O., Mosse L. and Simon M., under the title "Dielectric dispersion: a new wireline petrophysical measurement" as SPE paper 116130. 



2nd December

"Tight Gas Sands Fracture Stimulation Optimization"
By Randall S. "Randy" Miller (Core Laboratories)

20th November

"Capillary Pressure, Saturation, Permeability and NMR: Malay Basin Examples "
By Andrew Logan (Talisman)

30th October

"Grain Size Distribution from NMR Log - Two Case Studies "
By Ms. Syamsina Rashid (Petronas Carigali Sdn. Bhd.) 

25th March

"Porosity Typing and Productivity Analysis by Modified-Timur-Coates Permeability Model for Carbonates using NMR and Conventional Logs "
By Mehmet Altunbay (Baker Atlas) 



22nd November

"Advances in LWD Sonic Technology and Applications"
By Jennifer Market (Halliburton)

29th October

First talk: "Formation Pressure While Drilling - A Critical Link to Full Data Evaluation and Cost-Efficient Wellbore Construction"
By: Ulrich Hahne (Baker Hughes INTEQ)
Second talk: "Campos Basin Anisotropic Turbidites Formation Evaluation: Challenges and Proposed Solutions"
By SPWLA Distinguished Lecturer Paolo Ferraris (Schlumberger)

6th September

"Understanding the Pressure Gradients Improves Production From Oil/Water Transition Carbonate Zones"
By Andrew Carnegie (Schlumberger)

28th June

"Determination and Characterization of Rock Types based on Pore Throat Size Estimation "
By Libny Leal (Hess)

24th May

"Cased-Hole Logging for Reservoir Management ... a Malaysian Perspective"
By Chris Ovens (Petronas Carigali)

19th April

"Thin Bed Analysis – Applications and Examples from Malaysia"
By Jeff Hook (Murphy) & Richard Leech (Schlumberger)





Photo collage FESM Meeting 21st April 2011

CHAPTER OFFICERS (2013 - 2014) 


President Dr. Lutz Riepe (PETRONAS)
VP Technology Dr. Budi Kantaatmadja (PETRONAS)
Secretary/Web Master (Mar->) Dr. Melissa Johansson (Schlumberger)

Secretary/Web Master (<-Feb)

Long Jiang (Schlumberger)
Treasurer/Meetings Secretary Cheam Syeh Lynn (PETRONAS)
Publicity Officer Richard Holland (Weatherford)
Special Events Co-ordinator Adrian Bal (Baker Hughes)
Regional Events Co-ordinator Paul Joseph Tarabbia (Shell)
Sponsorship Suzie Hamzah (ExxonMobil)
University Liaison Dr. Ralph Kugler (University of Malaya)


CHAPTER OFFICERS (2012 - 2013) 


President Dr. Lutz Riepe (PETRONAS)
First Vice-President Dr. Budi Kantaatmadja (PETRONAS)
Treasurer Louis King (Core Laboratories)

Secretary/Web Master 

Long Jiang (Schlumberger)
Meetings Secretary Cheam Syeh Lynn (PETRONAS)
Publicity Officer Richard Holland (Weatherford)
Special Events Co-ordinator Adrian Bal (Baker Hughes)
Regional Events Co-ordinator Paul Joseph Tarabbia (Shell)
Sponsorship Suzie Hamzah (ExxonMobil)
Technical Program Ryan Lafferty (Lundin)
University Liaison Dr. Ralph Kugler (University of Malaya)


CHAPTER OFFICERS (2011 - 2012) 

President Dr. John Phillips (Schlumberger)
First Vice-President Dr. Budi Kantaatmadja (PETRONAS)
Treasurer Louis King (Core Laboratories)
Secretary/Web Master (<- Dec) Jurry van Doorn (Schlumberger)

Secretary/Web Master (Jan ->)

Long Jiang (Schlumberger)
Meetings Secretary Janice Boay (Hess)
Publicity Officer Dave Jackson (Gaffney, Cline & Ass.)
Special Events Co-ordinator Adrian Bal (Baker Hughes)
Sponsorship Suzie Hamzah (ExxonMobil)
Technical Programme Ryan Lafferty (Lundin)
University Liaison Dr. Ralph Kugler (University of Malaya)

CHAPTER OFFICERS (2010 - 2011)

President Dr. John Phillips (Schlumberger)
First Vice-President & Web Master        Libny Leal (Hess)
Treasurer Louis King (Core Laboratories)


Jurry van Doorn (Schlumberger)
Sponsorship & Marketing Aleeya Brookes (PEIS)
Special Events Co-ordinator Adrian Bal (Baker Hughes)
Technical Committee Member  Dr. Budi Kantaatmadja (PETRONAS)
Technical Committee Member Kamal Ariffin (PETRONAS)
Technical Committee Member Mohd. Azlin Mohd. Nasir (ExxonMobil)
University Liaison Dr. Ralph Kugler (University of Malaya)

CHAPTER OFFICERS (2009 - 2010)

President Scott Dodge (ExxonMobil)
First Vice-President & Secretary    Jurry van Doorn (Schlumberger)
Treasurer   Louis King (Core Laboratories)
Sponsorship & Marketing  Gavin Lindsay (Baker Hughes)
Petroleum Club Liaison   Yoel Bonnye (PETRONAS)
Student Liaison   Poh Chee Howe (Halliburton)
Technical Committee Member   Dr. John Phillips (Schlumberger)
Technical Committee Member   Kok Keng Hung (Halliburton)
University Liaison   Azlan Shah (PETRONAS)
Web Administrator  Libny Leal (Hess)

CHAPTER OFFICERS (2008 - 2009)

President Scott Dodge (ExxonMobil)
First Vice-President & Secretary Jurry van Doorn (Schlumberger)
Treasurer Louis King (Core Laboratories)
Petroleum Club Liaison Tony Daniel (Schlumberger)
Sponsorship & Tech. Committee  Kok Keng Hung (Halliburton)
Student Liaison Ko Ko Kyi (PETRONAS)
Technical Committee Member Dr. John Phillips (Schlumberger)
Technical Committee Member John Kennedy (Hess)
Technical Committee Member Azlan Shah (PETRONAS)
Web Administrator Libny Leal (Hess)

CHAPTER OFFICERS (2007 - 2008)

President                                      Edwin Francis Untam (PETRONAS)
Secretary Dave Maggs (Schlumberger)
Treasurer Louis King (Core Laboratories)
Meeting Organisation Scott Dodge (ExxonMobil)
Sponsorship Scott Fey (Schlumberger)
Student Liaison Ko Ko Kyi (PETRONAS)
Technical Committee Shahrizal Aziz (Fugro Jason)
Technical Committee Tony Daniel (Schlumberger)
Technical Committee Bill Furber (Baker Hughes)
Technical Programme Jeff Hook (Murphy)
Web Administrator Libny Leal (Hess)

CHAPTER OFFICERS (2006 - 2007)


Edwin Francis Untam (PETRONAS)
Secretary Dave Maggs (Schlumberger)
Treasurer Louis King (Core Laboratories)
Technical Committee          Chris Ovens (Schlumberger)
Technical Committee Scott Fey (Schlumberger)
Student Liaison Ko Ko Kyi (PETRONAS)
Technical Committee Shahrizal Aziz (Fugro Jason)
Technical Committee Tony Daniel (Schlumberger)
Technical Committee Tore Gjerdingen (Baker Hughes)
Technical Committee Jeff Hook (Murphy)
Web Administrator Libny Leal (Hess)




James Kijam Dato (PETRONAS)
Vice-President & Co-Secretary  Peter Lloyd (Schlumberger)
Treasurer & Co-Secretary Peter Lane (Core Laboratories)
Steering Committee Chiew Fook Choo (PETRONAS)
Steering Committee Rokiah Esa (Schlumberger)

also representing the Malaysian Society of Exploration Geophysicists

Steering Committee Dr Azhar Haji Hussin (Univ. of Malaya)
  also representing the Geological Society of Malaysia
Steering Committee Grant Heavysege (Esso Production (M))
Steering Committee Mario Petricola (Schlumberger)
Steering Committee Mark Sams (Jason Geosystems)
Steering Committee Dr. Ahmad Tajuddin Ibrahim (Univ. of Malaya)




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