An Evaluation Of Electric And Sonic Logs In The Delaware San
Electric and sonic velocity logs are a valuable aid in evaluation of the Delaware Sand in the Ford and Geraldine Fields. When Laterolog and Sonic log data for the perforated intervals in various wells are presented in a Rt-?t plot, the better wells (those with the lowest water cuts) fall in a definite area of the plot. Values of water saturation are assigned to this plot using a laboratory determined saturation exponent and a Sonic Log-core porosity correlation for the Delaware Sand in this field. Permeability in this field can be estimated from the sonic velocity logs. This is primarily a result of the rather good correlation which exists between porosity and permeability. Because of this correlation, permeability can also be estimated from the Microlaterolog. In some zones, permeability is controlled by the amount of shale present. The Sonic Log and Microlaterolog can evaluate permeability in these zones also. A good correlation was observed between water saturations calculated from the Laterolog-Microlaterolog combination and per cent water cut. However, only a limited amount of data was available for this comparison. The Laterolog-Sonic Log combination may also be helpful in locating zones of high gas saturation. An example of the Laterolog-Sonic Log response in a gas bearing zone is included. Correlations relating Sonic Log travel times to porosity and Microlaterolog resistivities to porosity are also presented.
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