Bakersfield - San Joaquin Well Logging Society. 

IMPORTANT!! We have fixed the link to the PayPal accountant from this webpage; please let us know if you have difficulities.  We have had to replace the credit card swiper and have one ordered as of last week, and it has not arrived yet, BUT we anticipate being able to accept credit cards as we normally have on the day of the meeting.  Thank you for your patience.

Our next meeting is Wednesday February 18th at the Petroleum Club, 11:30, doors open at 11:00. 

Speaker: Jeff Little, Schlumberger

Lunch Prices: Lunch (Member) $25.00 USD, Lunch (Non-Member/Non-RSVP) $30.00 USD, Lunch + SJWLS Membership $40.00 USD, SJWLS Membership Only $15.00 USD.  Please RSVP to Erik Bowen at Schlumberger: ebowen at SLB dot com