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November 2010 Meeting Time/Place

11th Nov, 2010 at EOG Resources; 421 W. 3rd ST, Fort Worth, TX (3rd Flr.)



You are cordially invited to attend the November meeting of the Forth Worth chapter of the SPWLA (Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts). You do not have to be a SPWLA member to attend.

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We are fortunate to have Dr. Arijit Mitra, Senior Mineralogist / Geochemicst, Baker Hughes, Houston, to speak on:

Application of Lithofacies Models to Characterize Unconventional Shale Gas Reservoirs and Identify Optimal Completion Intervals


Unconventional shale gas reservoirs are economically viable hydrocarbon prospects and their development has rapidly increased in North America. These reservoirs must be routinely drilled horizontally and hydraulically fracture stimulated to maximize production rates. Identification of the different chemostratigraphic units or lithofacies that make up these reservoirs is crucial for devising completion strategies because some lithofacies are more favorable to gas recovery in terms of their organic content and geomechanical characteristics.

 Lithofacies are indicative of eustatic changes during deposition and are typical geo-markers related to the preservation and amount of accumulated TOC for a given basin. Gas content is related to TOC and varies according to lithofacies. Based on the mineralogical and TOC content, some lithofacies are favorable for gas production (e.g., siliceous lithofacies) and the geomechanical properties of these lithofacies often possess low fracture gradients that are conducive to forming extensive fracture fairways for recovery of gas. Other lithofacies can be fracture barriers and zones of fracture propagation attenuation (e.g., carbonate lithofacies).

 A shale gas facies expert system was developed with the goal of chemostratigraphically characterizing different shale plays and utilizing an integrated petrophysical reservoir evaluation approach to identify optimal completion intervals. This system can aid operators design selective completion strategies, which can potentially reduce fracturing expenses and optimize well productivity. The expert system incorporates a combination of density, neutron, acoustic, nuclear magnetic resonance and geochemical logging measurements. This system first characterizes the lithofacies based on their geochemical makeup and then the most favorable and unfavorable zones are flagged using a simple “stop-light” approach based on the petrophysical and geomechanical properties.




 Arijit “Ari” Mitra is a Senior Geochemist/Mineralogist with the Global Geoscience group of the Reservoir Development Services division at Baker Hughes, Inc. and is based out of Houston, TX. Prior to that he was with the Complex and Unconventional Reservoir Evaluation group at Baker Hughes' North America Geoscience center where he and his team were responsible for the analysis and evaluation of logs from different complex and unconventional reservoirs (Barnett, Haynesville, Marcellus, Woodford, Eagle Ford, Niobrara, Piceance, etc.) in North America to provide an integrated petrophysical solution to their clients. In his current role, Ari is actively involved in complex formation evaluation projects globally and in developing new methods & approaches in evaluating unconventional reservoirs in order to provide solutions and help develop future strategies for Baker Hughes’ clients globally. He received his BS degree in Geology from the University of Bombay (India), his MS degree in Geology from the Banaras Hindu University (India) and his Ph.D in Geochemistry from Virginia Tech in the US. Prior to joining Baker Hughes, Ari worked as a research assistant at Virginia Tech, where he also headed the teaching assistant group lecturing physical and resources geology lab sessions. Ari is an active member of SPWLA, AAPG, and SPE. He has a number of publications on various aspects of unconventional reservoir evaluation and silicate mineral dissolution.





Presentation of Speaker Award to Rick Lewis, Jan 2010.




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