NMR SIG Conference 2024

NMR SIG Conference 2024

SPWLA NMR SIG Conference 2024

May 23, 2024

Location: Baker Hughes Rio Energy Technology Innovation Center (RETIC)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Registration Fee:  $150 for industry professionals / $50 for students

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This conference will be conducted as an “off-the-record” forum with no publication of any material presented. We encourage the presenters and participants to share their case studies, conceptual innovations, new methodologies and latest technologies. Video recording, photographing or quoting of speakers or their presentations will be expressly prohibited. Company logos should be limited to the title slide to indicate the affiliations of the author and co-authors. Commercialism during presentations is not permitted. While we have arranged this conference to follow immediately after and in the vicinity of the SPWLA 2024 Annual Symposium, we do not intend to repeat any presentations from the annual symposium.

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Av. Beira Mar, 2757 Cidade Universitária Rio De Janeiro, RJ 21941 BRAZIL

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