Lecture Series 1 - Songhua Chen

Lecture Series 1 - Songhua Chen
NEW SPWLA Lecture Series

Songhua Chen is Sr. Manager of NMR Sensor Physics at Halliburton. He has been leading a team of scientists and mathematicians to design new wireline and LWD NMR sensors, to optimize NMR data acquisition, processing, and interpretation methodologies. Most recently, his interest focuses on carbonate pore typing and data analytic based petrophysical interpretation. Prior to Halliburton, his career in the O&G industry also includes 15 years of various technical and managerial positions at Baker Hughes.

Songhua holds a B.S. Physics from Southeast University in Nanjing, China, and a Ph.D. Physics degree from University of Utah, Salt Laker City, U.S.A. He has 80+ U.S. patents and authored or coauthored 100+ publications including a book chapter, journal papers, and conference proceedings. He received SPWLA Distinguished Technical Achievement Award in 2019 and is currently SPWLA VP Publications and the Editor of Petrophysics Journal.

Outline of Songhua’s  lecturer series:

  • Basic NMR Concepts 
  • NMR Logging Measurements
  • NMR Data Processing
  • NMR Petrophysics
  • NMR Interpretation for Single Phase Fluid Saturated Rocks
  • NMR Interpretation in Multiphase Fluid Saturated Rocks

SPWLA is excited to launch this new program ‘SPWLA Lectures Series’ in which you can learn the basic principle measurement on one particular subject from individuals who are highly recognized in the industry.

This is an on-demand program where you can access at your most convenience time.

We hope you enjoy our new program and if you have any ideas for what topic should be next, please kindly send an email to [email protected]g.

Happy Learning!


11/15/2021 - 12/15/2021

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