Nuclear Logging SIG 2021 Technical Meeting - Part I

Nuclear Logging SIG 2021 Technical Meeting - Part I


To renew Nuclear SIG’s Biennial Technical Meeting postponed due to COVID-19.[1]  Part I announced here will consist of several talks focused on recent challenges and advances in nuclear logging. Generally, each talk will consist of a 20 min. presentation followed by 10 min. for questions. The agenda is:

·         Formation Chlorine Measurement from Spectroscopy, Jeff Miles (Schlumberger).

·         Determining the Density of Multiple Layers Using Gamma Spectroscopy, Mayir Mamtimin (Halliburton).

·         Recap of the 2021 MCNP Symposium for a Nuclear Well Logging Audience, Grant Goodyear (Core Labs).

·         Recent Initiatives on Radioactive Source Safety, Security and Alternatives, Ahmed Badruzzaman (Consultant).

·         SIG Activities and Plans. General discussion of the 2020 SIG survey results, Executive Committee changes, and reports from various committees.



Register through the SPWLA website ( Only the registrants will be able to attend. There is no registration fee for current SPWLA members, but non-members will be charged $25.

Note that no audio or video recordings of this meeting will be made. A 300-word abstract of each talk will be available to the attendees.



Contact R. J. Radtke ([email protected]; +1 281 285 8402 office, +1 281 546 4710 cell) or Ahmed Badruzzaman ([email protected]; +1 510 889 9427 office, +1 714 348 9751 cell)



The Nuclear Logging SIG is to be a focal point to advance the science, technology and application of nuclear measurements utilized for subsurface characterization and monitoring. Executive committee:

Ahmed Badruzzaman, Consultant (Chairman)

Feyzi Inanc, Baker Hughes

Dale Fitz, Consultant (Secretary)

Anton Nikitin, Shell

Weijun Guo, Halliburton

Richard R. Pemper, Weatherford

Xiaogang Han, BP

R. J. Radtke, Schlumberger (Vice-Chairman Technology)

Cornelis Huiszoon, Schlumberger (Treasurer)


[1] The meeting will be in two parts and held virtually to reach SIG members spread across multiple geographical regions.
Part II will be focused more on members in Asia, including the Middle East, and Europe and will follow in Spring 2022.

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11/10/2021 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

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