SPWLA Distinguished Speaker Webinar - June 2021

SPWLA Distinguished Speaker Webinar - June 2021


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Peter Schlicht, Tianhua Zhang, Martin G. Lüling (Schlumberger), Brita Renee Graham, Alexandra Cournot (Equinor), Rob Sadownyk (Valeura Energy Inc)

Speaker : Peter Schlicht

Speaker Bio:  Peter Schlicht is the Technical Director for Geology at Schlumberger Wireline Headquarters, based in Bucharest, Romania. He joined Schlumberger in 2001 as a wireline field engineer and had several assignments as geology expert to operations in Africa and the Middle East. Peter was research program manager for pre-salt formation evaluation at the Schlumberger Research and Engineering Center in Brazil until 2014. As geology advisor he currently works on hard- and software technology development and interpretation engineering for borehole imaging and coring. Peter holds a diploma degree in geology and paleontology from University of Cologne, Germany.

Natural fractures maintain a significant role in many hydrocarbon plays, in both conventional and unconventional reservoirs. In exploration and development scenarios, specific fracture properties, such as orientation and density, are important. However, more critical is their internal architecture: are the fractures open to fluid flow or filled with minerals? 

Borehole microresistivity imaging tools are widely used to determine these fracture characteristics. In wells drilled with water-based muds, open fractures are filled with conductive borehole fluid that enables distinguishing open, water-filled fractures from resistive, mineral-filled fractures and the surrounding rock. However, many wells today are drilled with oil-based muds. In this case, mineral-filled fractures and oil-basedmud-filled fractures are equally highly resistive and cannot be directly distinguished using resistivity images only.  

There are two identical sessions:

Thursday, June 17th
Morning Session: 10
am – 11am US Central Time.
Evening 8pm – 9pm US Central Time.

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6/17/2021 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM

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