SPWLA Distinguished Speaker Webinar - October 2021

SPWLA Distinguished Speaker Webinar - October  2021


Paper Ref:
SPWLA-2021-0041 (full abstract)
Authors : 
Supriya Sinha, Karol Riofrío, Arthur Walmsley and Nigel Clegg (Halliburton); Stig Sviland-Østre, Nicolas Gueze (Aker BP)

Speaker : Supriya Sinha

Speaker Bio:  Supriya Sinha is Geosteering lead at Halliburton, based in Norway. Sinha joined the oil and gas industry in 2006 as a mudlogging geologist, then moving on to data engineer and log analyst. She began her career with Halliburton in 2010 as a drilling optimization engineer (ADT) in India and Malaysia, then in 2012 progressed into a geomechanics consultant role for Scandinavia. From mid-2017, Sinha began working as a geosteering geologist specializing in applications of ultra-deep resistivity and is currently leading the geosteering team in Norway. Sinha holds a master’s degree in geology. She is a member of SPE and SPWLA.

Siliciclastic turbidite lobes and channels are known to exhibit varying degrees of architectural complexity. Understanding the elements that contribute to this complexity is the key to optimizing drilling targets, completions designs and long-term production. Several methods for 3D reservoir modelling based on seismic and electromagnetic (EM) data are available that are often complemented with outcrop, core and well log data studies. This paper explores an ultra-deep 3D EM inversion process during real-time drilling and how it can enhance the reservoir understanding beyond the existing approaches.

There are two identical sessions:

Thursday, October 14
Early Morning Session: 3am – 4am US Central Time.
Morning Session: 10
am – 11am US Central Time.

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10/14/2021 3:00 AM - 11:00 AM

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