SPWLA Distinguished Speaker Webinar - September 2021

SPWLA Distinguished Speaker Webinar - September 2021


Paper Ref:
SPWLA-2021-0108 (full abstract)
Authors : 
Jun Zhang (Probe); Dan T. Mueller (ConocoPhillips Company); David Bryce (Probe); Tom A. Brockway (ConocoPhillips Company); Fady Iskander (Probe)  

Speaker : Jun Zhang

Speaker Bio: Jun Zhang, Chief Scientist at Probe, supervises company-wide R&D and leads various engineering developments focused on next-generation well integrity evaluation and well intervention, etc. Jun received his Ph. D in Applied Physics from Rice University in 2008 and then started his career at Schlumberger as a physicist building expertise on acoustic and electromagnetic logging technologies. He has been a team lead for years on developing serval cutting-edge LWD & MWD technologies, prior to Probe. With years’ experience in the well logging business, Jun held numerous US and international patents on acoustic & electromagnetic logging technologies, and signal processing techniques. He is also an active number in various oil field societies & consortiums and contributing as the technical reviewer as well.

Cement sheath quality assessment is a critical initial step in plug and abandonment (P&A) operations during oil and gas well decommissioning. However, the technologies commonly used require unimpeded access to the casing annuli thus enforcing the need for production tubing pulling or inner casing milling. Cement integrity or isolation evaluation through multilayered well casing strings will provide the opportunity to significantly reduce operational time and costs and to greatly simplify the traditional P&A process. As desired by the industry for years, recent advancements in isolation evaluation have proven the feasibility to assess cement sheath quality without the removal of production tubing or inner casing.

There are two identical sessions:

Thursday, September 23rd
Morning Session: 10
am – 11am US Central Time.
Evening 8pm – 9pm US Central Time.

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9/23/2021 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM

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