Acquisition of formation evaluation data via wireline logging delivers highly accurate reservoir information. However, operating efficiency has historically been compromised by ledges, washouts, differential sticking, high deviation and stick-slip motion which can result in poor or lost information. Pipe-conveyed logging has been the traditional solution for high deviation and high overbalance logging; however, it introduces other inefficiencies and hazards. This paper details how the deployment of novel wireline conveyance technologies has replaced pipe-conveyed logging for Al Yasat Petroleum, an ADNOC operating company, ushering in a new era of logging efficiency and cost savings. The new technology encompasses ultrahigh strength cables, wheeled carriages, and angled hole finders, and takes a holistic approach to tool conveyance, reducing drag while ensuring optimum data quality by orienting sensors positively within the wellbore. In addition, wheeled carriages greatly reduce the toolstring contact area with the wellbore wall, preventing the incidence of differential sticking. Ultra-high strength cables provide increased overpull capability, particularly for heavy toolstrings. The wheeled carriages carry the toolstring off-center, allowing the mass of the toolstring to induce a “righting moment” to ensure correct orientation in the wellbore. Planning software is used to predict drag and thus the maximum deviation to which the toolstring can descend. These latest wireline conveyance technologies have been deployed on multiple operations in the UAE, successfully delivering improved data quality each time. Further, the risk of differential sticking and toolstring holdup in high angle wells virtually eliminated. Large gains in logging efficiency have been realized particularly with the replacement of time-consuming pipe conveyed logging. The wheeled carriages have been used to centralize array sonic tools and orient pad type tools without the need for drag inducing bow-spring centralizers or powered calipers. The ability to carry the entire tool string weight on ultra-low friction wheels has culminated in wireline conveyance to a world record deviation of 79 degrees in open hole. Buoyed by the success of the wheeled carriage system, a wireline formation tester, with an extensive sampling program, was successfully deployed on Wireline. A torque free, ultra-high strength cable was used to ensure safe retrieval of the toolstring in the event of overpulls. An estimated 3.5 days of rig time was saved over a comparable operation using pipe-conveyed deployment. The oriented carriages and high strength cables eliminate the inherent risks of wireline logging and bring efficiency and improvements in data quality that, until recently, were not possible. Applications include high deviation, sampling from the “undamaged” high side of the wellbore, coring parallel to bedding planes, centralization of imaging and acoustic tools without powered calipers and navigation past ledges. ADNOC and Al Yasat Petroleum are at the forefront of bringing these innovative technologies to the industry.
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Anoop Kumar Mishra, Dr. Ajay Samantray, Sultan Al Mazrouei, Abdulla Al Blooshi, Koksal Cig, Nitesh J
Al Yasat Petroleum; , Schlumberger, Petromac