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 Distinguished Speaker List

The SPWLA Distinguished Speaker Program provides local Chapters a contact list of persons in high industry regard who are able and willing to speak on certain topic(s) of interest at local chapter meetings. The persons below have been designated and have agreed to serve as SPWLA Distinguished Speakers for the year 2017-18. Some speakers have offered a number of options for topics; it is expected that the talks could be modified slightly to meet local interest. The talks proposed here are all amongst the top papers presented at the 2017 International 58th Annual Symposium, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA.  Please forward this list to your local chapter Presidents.

Distinguished Speakers list below.

Please ask chapters to contact speakers directly, and ask chapters to copy Regional Directors with this correspondence. There are some limited SPWLA funds to cover speaker travel expenses; in the past this has been reserved for speakers not associated with an operator or service company. If there is an issue with travel cost, please contact me in advance.  In order to reduce the burdens on persons serving as Distinguished Speaker, please attempt to coordinate travel so that multiple chapters may be visited on a single trip.  The speakers are also asked to contact local chapters to volunteer talks when it fits into their normal travel schedule.

I urge local chapters to make an extra effort for local university students to attend the Distinguished Speaker presentation by offering free or lowered cost meals and by informing students of the presentation through contacts with key professors.  

Zoya Heidari
SPWLA VP-Education

2017-2018 Distinguished Speakers:
Acoustic Fracture Characterisation: Intelligent Interpretation, Ms. Jennifer Market, Weatherford, Houston, jennifer.market@weatherford.com

Briggs Colour Cubing of Spectral Gamma Ray - A Novel Technique for Easier Stratigraphic Correlation and Rock Typing, Mr. Michael J. Sullivan, Chevron, Calgary, msul@chevron.com  

Cased-Hole Formation Evaluation - Insights from a new tool and a new measurement, Mr. Ralf Polinski, Schlumberger, Brazil, ralf.polinski@slb.com

Characterizing Natural-Gamma-Ray Tools without the API Calibration Formation, Mr. Gordon Moake, Halliburton, Houston, Gordon.Moake@Halliburton.com

Coherent Interpretation of Wideband Electromagnetic Measurements in the Megahertz to Gigahertz Frequency Range, Mr. Nikita Seleznev, Schlumberger, Boston, nseleznev@slb.com

Effects of Bitumen Extraction on the 2-D NMR Response of Saturated Kerogen Isolates, Mr. Zeliang Chen, Rice University, Houston, zc24@rice.edu

Geochemical Photoelectric (PE) Logging, Mr. Jim Galford, Halliburton, Houston, Jim.Galford@Halliburton.com  

Imaging Near-Wellbore Petrophysical Properties by Joint Inversion of Sonic, Resistivity, and Density Logging Data, Sushil Shetty, Schlumberger, Boston, sshetty4@slb.com  

Improved Assessment of Hydrocarbon Saturation in Mixed-Wet Rocks with Complex Pore Structure, Mr. Artur Posenato Garcia, University of Texas, Austin, posenato@utexas.edu  

Integrated Gas and Oil Zone Evaluation using NMR, Density, and Mud Gas Data - A Norwegian Logging While Drilling Case History, Mr. Holger Thern, Baker Hughes, Germany, holger.thern@bakerhughes.com

Lessons Learned in Permian Core Analysis: Comparison between Retort, GRI and Routine Methodologies, Mr. Aidan Blount, Shell, Houston, aidan.blount@shell.com  

New perspectives on the effects of gas adsorption on storage and production of natural gas from shale formations, Mr. Ali Tinni, University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma, alitinni@ou.edu  

NMR Relaxation of Polymer - Alkane Mixes, a Model System for Crude Oils, Mr. Philip Singer, Rice University, Houston, ps41@rice.edu  

Petrophysics and Geology Intertwined: A case study of an integrated modeling workflow, Ms. Abbie Morgan, Aera Energy, Bakersfield, avmorgan@aeraenergy.com  

Simultaneous Neutron and X-Ray Imaging of 3D Kerogen and Fracture Structure for Flow Path in Shales, Dr. Wei-Shan Chiang, Aramco Services, Houston, Jinhong.Chen@aramcoservices.com

The Problem with Silt in Low-Resistivity-Low-Contrast Pay Reservoirs, Mr. Alexander Belevich, Baker Hughes, Kuala Lumpur, alexander.belevich@bakerhughes.com

The Ultimate Route to Carbonate Rock Typing, Mr. Omar Al-Farisi, ADMA-OPCO, Abu Dhabi Chapter, alfarisi@adma.ae  

Using Fractals to Determine a Reservoir’s Hydrocarbon Distribution, Mr. Steve Cuddy, Baker Hughes, London Chapter, Steve.Cuddy@btinternet.com