Robert Charlebois / Hugh Crocker


Crocker Data Processing Pty. Ltd.
3 Brodie Hall Drive Suite 1, Petroleum House 
6102 Bentley  ,  WA
Phone: +61 8 9470-5004 / 5006
Fax: +61 8 9470-5003
32° 0' 4.464" S115° 55' 10.0992" E
Western Australia AU 
Software Title: 
PETROLOG (Advanced Log Analysis Software)
Software Description: 
A powerful and fully integrated software package that is mature and reliable.(since 1983) Unlimited length of files at any depth increment with up to 1000 logs per file. Data Loaders: LIS, DLIS, LAS, ASCII, BIT, Sierra, Zycor etc.. (Can auto-recognize over 15 known encapsulated LIS formats). An advanced archival system. Can auto load logs from up to 1000 LIS, LAS or DLIS files in one operation. Fully interactive well log editor with automatic Audit Trail File creation. Interactive depth matching, merging. SP Drift correction etc. Auto loading of header files from LIS, DLIS and LAS files. (Well info, Run info, Remarks) Multiple log interpretation models. (complex lithology model, Two water model, Silt Shale Sand model, Neural Network, Dual clay resistivity models, glauconite model, TDT, Production logging etc..) Up to 20 zones and 250 user defined variables per zones. Environmental corrections for old and new tools from most known logging companies. Fully interactive Z-Plots to select zone variables on the screen. Fully integrated with EZDIP dipmeter processing software. Superb Graphics with output to HPGL, HPGL2, CALCOMP, VCGL, CGM, EPS, PCX, TIFF, BMP, EMF, PNG, PDF. Unlimited plot lengths to such printers as Printrex, Oyo, Epson Stylus 3000, Gulton etc. Can plot dipmeter results, micro-scanner images, Borehole televiewer images etc..) Multi well cross sections, multi well log databases. Can build an Oracle type data base from 1000 edited wells in about 10 minutes. Individual header files contain General well info, Run info, Remarks, DST, SWC, RFT/FET/MDT results, Formation tops (up to 6 groups) and output these to a data base or to a LIS tape. This package has 170 users in over 25 countries.
Computer Platforms: 
Pentium 166 with 32 Mb RAM or higher, Unix workstations (Sun IBM)
from $9,950 for a basic system up to $29,500 for a full PC system. Corporate licenses: 50% discount for over 10 installations
Operating System: 
Win 95/98, Win NT, Solaris 2, IBM AIX