The SPWLA Permian Basin Chapter

 Tuesday, January 29, 2019

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

"Rambling Around the Permian: A Tour of the Permian Basin Using Image Logs"

Presented by Dan Martin, Senior Geologists at Borehole Image Specialists

Midland College, Scharbauer Student Center, Carrasco Room
 (3600 N Garfield, See Map)

The Cost Is $35 
No RSVP Necessary
Pay at the door with cash, check or credit card

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As the pace of horizontal drilling in unconventional reservoirs has exploded in recent years, the activity and the investment in the Midland and Delaware Basins has set the pace for the industry. For companies interested in determining the scientific basis governing variation in production, borehole image logs offer an important suite of data that facilitate reservoir visualization. The Permian is characterized by a unique suite of architectural elements that translate and change both vertically and laterally. This talk is intended to be a survey of the great utility of integrating the high-resolution data from borehole image logs with conventional well logs, rock mechanical properties, mass spec and seismic in characterizing these changes, with specific examples in vertical and horizontal wells.

A large percentage of the Permian Basinfill is the result of submarine mass flow deposition. Debris flows, slumps, slides and rotated growth fault blocks impart heterogeneity, and therefore uncertainty, to reservoir systems. These features are easily revealed - and easily quantified - by borehole image technology. The relative thickness and the sense of vergence can beusedto infer paleoslopedirections.

Examples will be shown of the utility in combining borehole image log data with geomechanical studies to provide important characteristics of the reservoir such as the stress state of the rock, stress directions, and critically stressed fractures. Understanding where the critically stressed fractures are located in the reservoir can possibly help with the understanding of frac hits and microseismic events. 

Borehole images play an important role in identifying portions of the basin that are suitable for Salt-Water Disposal (SWD) wells. When designing injection wells, there is much to be gained from actually visualizing the rock, its fracture system and vuggy pore structure.


Dan Martin is a Senior Geologist with Borehole Image Specialists, where he works with every facet of resistivity and acoustic image logs including structural interpretation, facies analysis, and the integration of image logs with geomechanical studies.

Dan started his career doing field mapping and image log evaluation in the Sandino Basin of Nicaragua. In the nearly 14 years since then, he has analyzed and interpreted borehole image logs from basins all over the world. In North America he has analyzed hundreds of wells in the Permian Basin, Mid-Continent, Rocky Mountains, Northeast, and Fort Worth Basins.

Dan has M.S. and B.S. degrees from Brigham Young University. For his Master's thesis, Dan mapped the complex geology in a portion of Capitol Reef National Park.

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