Nuclear SIG 2018 Meeting

Nuclear SIG 2018 Meeting
This one-day meeting will consist of several sessions of formal talks focused on recent challenges and advances in nuclear logging.

First Announcement and Call for Abstracts
Nuclear Logging SIG
2018 Technical Meeting


Monday, October 29, starting at 8:00 am



Frank S. Millard SPWLA Training Center

8866 Gulf Freeway, Suite 320, Houston, TX 77017



This one-day meeting will consist of several sessions of formal talks focused on recent challenges and advances in nuclear logging. Each session will contain several 20 min. presentations ending with a general discussion. Some of the sessions, preliminary titles, and presenters are:

·        Radionuclide Source Risk Mitigation

o   Source Risks and Alternatives – An Overview,
Ahmed Badruzzaman (Consultant)

o   Perspectives on Source Risks and Alternatives in U.S. Well Logging, Gary Fisher (Pioneer)

o   An X-Ray Tool for True Sourceless Density Logging,
Avto Tkabladze (Schlumberger)

·        Natural Gamma Ray Calibration

o   Monte Carlo Modeling of Thorium Blankets: A Digital Alternative for the API Gamma Ray Calibration Facility, Jim Galford (Halliburton)

o   A Model-Independent Definition of The Gamma Ray API Unit,
Chris Stoller (Schlumberger)

o   Is “API” Enough for Gamma Ray Logs, or Do We Need More?
Feyzi Inanc (Baker Hughes, a GE Company)

o   Characterizing Natural-Gamma-Ray Tools without the API Calibration Formation, Gordon Moake (Halliburton)

·        Recent Advances and Challenges in Nuclear Logging

o   What's New in Borehole Nuclear Modeling? (A Lot!),
Grant Goodyear (Halliburton)

o   Use of SNUPAR in Research and Practical Applications,
Kent Newsham (Oxy)

o   A Method for Calculating More Accurate Stratigraphic Positioning of Horizontal Wells Using Continuous Inclination and Azimuthal Gamma Ray Images Even While Sliding, Jiaxin Wang (Halliburton)

o   Comparison of Multi-Detector Pulsed Neutron Nuclear Attributes of Multiple Vendors in the Prudhoe Bay Alaska, Gerardo Cedillo (BP)

o   Other papers selected from submitted abstracts

·        Neutron porosity and pulsed neutron capture standards


Call for Abstracts

Additional presentations are welcome! Please submit abstracts of at most 300 words to If more abstracts are received than can be accommodated, the executive committee will select which will be presented. To allow time for review and preparation, the deadline for abstract submission is September 7.



There are two ways to participate in this meeting:

·        In person at the SPWLA Training Center.

·        By webinar through the SPWLA web site.
In either case, your SPWLA dues must be current. If your dues are not current, please visit Note that no audio or video recordings of this meeting will be made.

Registration details will follow in a second announcement around September 1.



Contact R. J. Radtke (; +1 281 285 8402 office, +1 281 546 4710 cell) or Ahmed Badruzzaman (; +1 510 889 9427 office, +1 714 348 9751 cell)



The Nuclear Logging SIG is to be a focal point to advance the science, technology and application of nuclear measurements utilized for subsurface characterization and monitoring. Executive committee:

Ahmed Badruzzaman, Consultant (Chairman)

Anton Nikitin, Shell

Dale Fitz, Consultant (Secretary)

Richard R. Pemper, Weatherford

Cornelis Huiszoon, Schlumberger (Treasurer)

R. J. Radtke, Schlumberger (Vice-Chairman Technology)

Feyzi Inanc, Baker Hughes

Adrian Zett, BP

Gordon L. Moake, Halliburton



10/29/2018 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8866 Gulf Frwy Suite 320 Houston, TX 77017 UNITED STATES

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