A Case Study Of The Recoverable Hydrocarbon Volumes For The
A study has been made of the production histories of wells from Rozet and Raven fields of the Powder River Basin in Wyoming. These fields which were primarily depleted, produced from the Muddy sands of Cretaceous age and the Minnelusa sand of the Permian age, respectively. The analysis of the recoverable Hydrocarbon volume, Pd values obtained from the decline curves of the wells, extrapolated to an economic limit of 20 barrels per day (or 600 barrels per month), and the petrophysical parameter of Hi) obtained from well logs for wells from the field, suggested that a modified form of the linear relationship, of the form P, can be used to predict production values for wells of the same lithology and tectonic environment. Such prediction, though qualitative, is observed to be sensitive to the K/G ratio of the producing lithologies or zones.
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