SPWLA Petrophysics Skill Set Guidelines (PSSG)Version 2.0


Update 12/11/2022: SPWLA PSSG document v2.0 has been released.

Available now ==>Petrophysics Skill Set Guidelines (PSSG) Version 2.0 | Dec 2022

Petrophysics Skill Set Guidelines (PSSG) is produced and maintained by SPWLA Education SIG as guidelines for skill set related to petrophysics. This document was envisioned in response to the ongoing big crew change in oil and gas industry and the lack of petrophysics degree program in universities. The advance in information technology and the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the learning pattern for the future. We hope this document will be useful for students interested in learning to be a Petrophysicist, a company interested in developing a training program for Petrophysicists, and an organization interested in developing skill assessment for Petrophysicists.
This document is intended to be a living document to reflect the current and future technology and industry trend. Please submit comments and feedback to [email protected]