SPWLA Appalachia Chapter



Welcome to the home page for the SPWLA Appalachia Chapter.  As the newest Regional Chapter of the SPWLA, we serve the growing Appalachia region.  Please check back regularly for more information and page updates.

If you are a current SPWLA member living, working, or studying in the Appalachia region please consider selecting Appalachia as your home chapter.   If you are not currently an SPWLA  Professional Member or Student Member and live, work, or study in the region, please consider joining SPWLA as a new member and choosing to affiliate with the Appalachia Chapter.

Helpful Links:

Link to edit your SPWLA profile to change Chapter affiliation:  Edit Your Existing SPWLA Profile

Link to Join SPWLA as a Regular or Student Member:  Join SPWLA

Link to SPWLA Appalachia group on LinkedIn:  SPWLA Appalachia Chapter - official LinkedIn Group

-     On June 10th the SPWLA Appalachia Chapter hosted a free "Lunch & Learn" webinar presented by B.J. Carney of Northeast Natural Energy entitled “Using Downhole Measurements for Improved Well Performance – MSEEL (Marcellus Shale Energy and Environment Laboratory)". Additional info at SPWLA Appalachia Chapter Lunch & Learn Webinar.
-     The inaugural SPWLA Appalachia Chapter Lunch & Learn event, along with an SPWLA and Chapter membership drive, was held in Pittsburgh on March 13th.  More info here:  
Appalachia Chapter Event Info & Registration

-     The Inaugural SPWLA  Appalachia Chapter Meeting was held Thursday, June 21st, at 5:00pm, at the Cambria Hotel Downtown Pittsburgh.  Thanks to all attendees for making it a very interesting and productive meeting.

Contact Us:

email:        [email protected] 

Chapter Officers:
President:          Earle Drack
VP Technology: Prof. Timothy Carr
Treasurer:          Scott McCallum
Secretary:          Natalie Uschner-Arroyo
VP Events:         Brian Panetta