Update: 1/16/2021: SPWLA SIG is excited to release the first version SPWLA Petrophysics Skill Set Guidelines (PSSG) document

Calling all SPWLA members who are passionate about petrophysics education! A new Education Special Interest Group has been formed, and now we need YOUR help to carry out our mission to be a focal point for issues concerning knowledge transfer, training, and educational resources for SPWLA members.

Our specific goals are to:

  •     identify topics of interest to the SPWLA community,
  •      develop mentoring programs,
  •      identify and/or grow subject matter experts (SMEs),
  •        identify and centralize current educational resources and/or develop new educational materials where needed
  •      enable members to leverage the knowledge of the broader SPWLA community.


If you are interested in any of these topics, please log into your SPWLA account at and indicate that you would like to become a member of this SIG under your profile.

To Read By-Laws: click here
You can also find the Education SIG’s full charter HERE

 Our first meeting will be on Wednesday, June 19th at 5:30 pm in the Waterway 2 room after the conclusion of the symposium in The Woodlands. The meeting location (TBA).
Please make sure to indicate your interest on your profile before then so that you can receive any other relevant information about the meeting.  

Please use the contact info below to reach out to the Organizing Executive Committee with any questions or ideas. We are excited to work with the community on this important endeavor!

The Education SIG Organizing Executive Committee

Ahmed Badruzzaman ([email protected])

Zhipeng "Zach" Liu ([email protected])

Abbie Morgan ([email protected])

Hani Elshahawi ([email protected])

Lesley Evans ([email protected])