SPWLA NMR SIG Conference 2018

Houston, Texas, February 23, 2018

Chevron Building, 1400 Smith St.

Registration Fee:  $50 for industry professionals / $30 for students

Everyday NMR:  From Unconventionals to New Horizons

Building on the success of the 2016 NMR Topical Conference, an NMR SIG has been established within SPWLA in order to facilitate communication within the community of people interested in using NMR for the discovery and development of oil and gas reservoirs.  The first NMR SIG conference will be in Houston on Feb. 23, 2018.  Join us as we explore NMR as an EVERYDAY tool, with a special focus on the NMR of unconventional formations as well as the new horizons of the future.

Conference registration fee:  $50 for industry professionals / $30 for students.  Breakfast, lunch, and snacks included.

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Due to recent changes in SPWLA bylaws, SIG conference attendees must be either SPWLA members or registered chapter affiliate members. An attendee can register to become an SPWLA member online, or register at no cost to become an affiliate member either online or at the door.


Session 1: Everyday NMR                          8:30am – 10:00am

           NMR – (still) for nerds only? -  Ron Bonnie, ConocoPhillips

           Existing and enabling technologies toward meeting the requirements for an everyday NMR logging tool -   Songhua Chen, Halliburton

           Revisiting Akkurt’s ‘Challenges for Everyday NMR…’ 12 years later: dreams and realities -  Nate Bachman, Schlumberger

Session 2:  NMR of Unconventionals        10:30am – 11:45am

           Using pore and fluid models to evaluate porosity and saturation in tight rock unconventional reservoirs -   Boqin Sun, Chevron

           Combining log and core data to unlock the full potential of NMR measurements in unconventionals -  Anton Nikitin, Shell

           NMR measurement of adsorption and desorption in source rocks -  Jinhong Chen, Saudi Aramco

Session 3:  NMR of Unconventionals        1:00pm – 2:15pm

          Value of high-frequency NMR core analysis for unconventional mudstones -  Harry Xie, Corelab

          An unsupervised learning algorithm to compute fluid volumes from NMR T1-T2 logs in unconventional reservoirs -  Lalitha Venkataramanan, Schlumberger

          NMR in organic shale; current research activities at Rice University - Philip Singer, Rice University

Group discussions                                       2:30pm – 3:15pm

         The conference will break into groups, each assigned to discuss one of the following topics and report back: 
             1) standards
             2) needs of the industry moving forward. 

Session 4:  New Horizons                          3:45pm – 5:00pm

           Recent NMR technical development and future applications - Yi-Qiao Song, Schlumberger

           High-throughput wellsite-ready NMR equipment for measurements on borehole materials -  Arcady Reiderman, Ecotek Corporation

           The road toward tool development, interpretation, core analysis, integration, and modeling/simulation - Dick Merkel, Denver Petrophysics LLC

Mark Butler, Harry Xie

Steering committee:  Nate Bachman, Ron Balliet, Ron Bonnie, Gabor Hursan, Paulo Netto, Boqin Sun

NMR SIG Board:  Mark Growdon (President), Harry Xie (Vice President), Margaret Lessenger (Treasurer), Mark Butler (Secretary), Ron Bonnie, Mike Gillen, Andrea Valori, Haijing Wang

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance SIG

NMR SIG was established in September 2016, as one of the outcomes of the 2016 SPWLA Spring Topical Conference on NMR, to provide a focal organization designed to bring the NMR community of experts and practitioners together to educate each other as well as the broader community on the proven concepts and applications of NMR. The SIG will also serve as a venue to discuss new ideas for technology and applications to enhance understanding of the formations and the fluids contained in them.

The SIG’s initial goals include, establishing industry standards for NMR measurements, publishing a special volume in Petrophysics with peer reviewed technical papers on NMR technologies and applications and establishing a committee to organize future SIG conferences and workshops.

Membership in the NMR SIG is open to all current members in good standing of the SPWLA at no additional fee. It is a great opportunity to learn and contribute to the advancement of NMR to formation evaluation as well as to network and work with the experts in this field.

Steering Committee:


Mark Growdon (Chevron)

Vice President

Harry Xie (Core Lab)


Margaret Lessenger
(Rimrock Petrophysics and Analytics)


Mark Butler (Halliburton)

At Large Members

Mike Gillen (Baker Hughes)
Andrea Valori (Schlumberger)
Ron Bonnie (Conoco Philips)
Haijing Wang (Chevron)

To join the NMR SIG all you need to do is send an email to the NMR SIG

We look forward to your participation in the NMR SIG.