SDAR Workgroup

Initiated by Rt SIG and several EM experts in the Oil & Gas industry, Standardization of LWD Deep Azimuthal Resistivity Services (SDAR) workgroup is formed in June 2016. It is an industrial advisory committee, which is composed of technical experts and representatives from oil companies, oilfield service companies, and universities. The sole purpose of SDAR workgroup is to promote deep azimuthal resistivity LWD services within the industry and provide recommendations on standardization of these services from the technical perspective. For any further information, please contact Rt SIG committee. The workgroup have organized several meetings and its progress has been shared regularly at Rt SIG biannual meetings. Previous updates and meeting notes are archived in the following files. In April 2018, the workgroup decided to prepare a comprehensive document with a consistent outline to describe current deep resistivity tools and its related service from four major service companies: Schlumberger, Halliburton, Baker Hughes GE, and Weatherford. The outline of the documents covers all aspects of deep azimuthal resistivity LWD services, including tool physics and configuration, key parameter definitions, major applications, real-time workflow, pre-drill studies, post-drill studies, and reference. The documents are also archived in the following files. It is highly advisable to always contact service companies for any further information and explanation.