Unconventional Reservoirs



Unconventional Reservoirs SIG Objective:

In general, the SIG's activities will be any consistent with facilitating the work of Petrophysicists in the exploitation of unconventional resources.

The hydrocarbon resource base is rapidly changing. In the first decade of the 21st Century economic reservoirs include formations with average porosity well under 10% and permeability measured in the nanodarcy range. Future economic production may come from methane hydrates and in-situ transformation and mobilization of the organics in oil shale. Non-hydrocarbon reservoirs such as geothermal reservoirs or reservoirs for CO2 sequestration could become important areas for application of petrophysics. Perhaps the only aspect these unconventional reservoirs have in common with the typical reservoirs exploited in the 20th Century is that they require reservoir characterization for optimal development. Key factors in this characterization are core measurements at in-situ conditions and information obtained from borehole tools. Petrophysical methods, petrophysicists, and the SPWLA as the professional society for petrophysicists have an important role to play in the understanding of unconventional reservoirs. The objective of this SIG is to provide the SPWLA a leading role in facilitating communication among members of the technical community to interchange technologies needed to efficiently exploit these new resources.

Some general activities anticipated:

- SIG related meetings, workshops, short courses, and sessions at general/annual meetings

- Maintain contacts with other professional societies that are also concerned with unconventional reservoirs

- Web-based information exchange, perhaps including posting of papers/talks, experts list, question area

- Provide leadership for technical standardization activities, specifically core/log measurement standardization.



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