SPWLA Distinguished Speaker Webinar - September 2022

SPWLA Distinguished Speaker Webinar - September 2022
(Central European Time) 10-11am & 5-6pm (US CDT)  3-4am & 10-11am


Paper Ref: SPWLA-2022-0045(full abstract)
Authors :
Supriya Sinha, Arthur Walmsley, Nigel Clegg, Brígido Vicuña (Halliburton), Andrew McGill, Téo Paiva dos Reis, Marianne Therese Nygård, Gunn Åshild Ulfsnes, Monica Vik Constable, Frank Antonsen and Berit Ensted Danielsen (Equinor)

Speaker : Supriya Sinha and Arthur Walmsley

Speakers Bio:  Supriya Sinha is geosteering lead at Halliburton, based in Norway. Sinha joined the oil and gas industry in 2006 as a mudlogging geologist, then moving on to data engineer and log analyst. She began her career with Halliburton in 2010 as a drilling optimization engineer (ADT) in India and Malaysia, then in 2012 progressed into a geomechanics consultant role for Scandinavia. From mid-2017, Sinha began working as a geosteering geologist specializing in applications of ultra-deep resistivity and is currently leading the geosteering team in Norway. Sinha holds a master’s degree in geology. She is a member of SPWLA, SPE, EAGE and AAPG.

Arthur Walmsley
is a global subject matter expert for electromagnetic (EM) reservoir mapping at Halliburton.  He joined Halliburton in 2007 as an LWD field engineer in the UK North Sea.  Since 2010 he has held a variety of petrophysics and well placement roles before moving into the global technical organisation as an EM SME in 2020.  He holds a BSc in Oceanography from Southampton University and is a member of SPWLA, SPE, SEG and EAGE.

AbstractWith the introduction of Ultra-deep azimuthal resistivity (UDAR) logging while drilling (LWD) tools towards the beginning of the last decade, the Oil and Gas industry went from real time mapping of formation boundaries a few meters from the wellbore to tens of meters away. This innovation allowed early identification of resistivity boundaries and promoted proactive geosteering, allowing for optimization of the wellbore position. Additionally, boundaries and secondary targets that may never be intersected are mapped, allowing for improved well planning for sidetracks, multi laterals and future wells. Advancement in tool design and inversion algorithms has allowed mapping the reservoir in 3D and exploring the sensitivity of these tools ahead of the measure point to provide look ahead warning of resistivity boundaries. 

There are two identical sessions: Please note time zones.

==>Thursday, September 29th
(Central European Time) 10 am-11 am and 5pm - 6pm CET 

   **Early Morning Session: 3am – 4am US Central Time.
   **Morning Session: 10
am – 11am US Central Time.

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9/29/2022 3:00 AM - 11:00 AM

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