Jean-Luc Deltombe


Advanced Logic Technology
18 Rue Du Lac
L-8808 Arsdorf 
Phone: +352 649289
Fax: +352 649364
49° 51' 33.6996" N5° 50' 37.3632" E
Software Description: 
WellCAD for Win32 is a professional desk top solution for well data management and processing. It is now OLE2 compliant (as both an OLE client and server) making it more powerful and flexible as a data repository and geophysical and geological reporting tool. Work within the Windows environment using OLE and clipboard facilities to seamlessly exchange data between WellCAD and other OLE compliant applications. Batch processing and printing may be speeded up by macros created using WellCAD and OLE Automation. WellCAD handles most data types associated with a borehole on a single worksheet. Import, Edit, Process, and Report functions are available for conventional wireline logs, full wave sonic logs, formula logs, mud logs, lithological logs, comment logs, engineering logs, structure logs, image logs, 3D logs, and OLE logs (bitmaps and other OLE objects). Now available as a separate module is the Image and Structure processing module for interactive image log interpretation and orientation.
Computer Platforms: 
WELLCAD for Win32
$2,000 Corporate licenses available
Operating System: 
PC 486 33 MHz or higher
Windows 3.1, Windows NT, Windows 95