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Software Title: 
RtEvrest - a complete and powerful Resistivity Forward Modeling Software
Software Description: 
RtEvrest is a fast forward modeling software package for open hole wireline (WL) and logging-while-drilling (LWD) resistivity tools. RtEvrest supports a comprehensive range of resistivity logs: old ES logs (N16, N64, L19), Russian BKZ logs (AMN, NMA), Laterologs (DLL, SFL), Induction logs (6FF40, DIL, ID/IM), 2MHz-LWD logs (compensated or not). When used to compute synthetic resistivity logs as result of modeled tool responses, RtEvrest provides objective quality control of estimated Rt models, checks consistency of quick Rt inversion solutions, highlights anomalies or complex zones requiring further analysis. When used in an iterative loop and in an interactive manner, RtEvrest provides an efficient way to locate bed boundaries (particularly for thin beds) and to overcome simultaneously different environmental effects altering resistivity measurements. The most common effects taken into account are: borehole shape, drilling muds (very conductive to non-conductive), shoulder bed resistivity contrasts, invasion (flushed zone, transition zone or annulus), resistivity anisotropy, dielectric constant properties (for LWD). Therefore RtEvrest allows to provide higher quality resistivity models, from which are derived more accurate water saturation profiles in hydrocarbon-bearing formation. RtEvrest uses the Log ASCII Standard (LAS) format as input/output files. The current software version is operating in the assumption of a "2D axisymmetic resistiviy model". (A "3D model" is under development.) RtEvrest is available through different logging tool packages adapted to the users needs: predefined tool configurations at attractive prices or personalized configurations for specific use. 
Computer Platforms: 
PCs and UNIX Workstations
Available upon request.
Operating System: 
Windows NT/2000, Linux, Solaris