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Software Title: 
ES-Log Interpretation Software
Software Description: 
This system runs under MS-DOS on 80386/486 compatible PC's. Faster versions of the software run on Windows NT, and IBM RS6000 platforms (80386 or greater, MIPS processors, and DEC's Alpha chip). This program does forward modeling and inversion of old ES logs. The software corrects for borehole and surrounding bed effects of these unfocused logs. The forward modeling will generate synthetic logs from the specified earth model and the inversion will interpret an actual log into an earth model. The software helps to determine depth of invasion and other production zone properties. The software is also useful for finding bypassed hydrocarbons. See also Walt Whitman Software in this listing.
Software Title: 
IES program
Software Description: 
A program designed to interpret old IES logs where no porosity logs are available. Used to determine porosity, litholgy, and water saturation, even in complex environments. Described in 1996 January/February issue of The Log Analyst in the Le Log column pp. 12-14. Available for downloading from the GRI World Wide Web site - new logins to this site will be required to register as a subscriber, although this is free at the present time.
Software Title: 
Advanced Stimulation Technology (AST) CD-ROM
Software Description: 
GRI's Advanced Stimulation Technology (AST) is a training program,reference guide, and resource tool. Developed for E&P engineers, managers,and other decision planners, the CD-ROM features a mix of audio, text,graphics, animation, and video to create an interactive, practical guidethat can help determine the advanced stimulation technology appropriate fora specific site. The CD covers up-to-date AST methodology as it applies toquality control, data set development, stress profiling, monitoring,candidate selection, and real-time analysis. It offers supportive casehistories, substantial reference material, audio visual clips, graphs, andillustrations. For pricing information, or to order (GRI-97/0259), visit GRI/Net(http://www.gri.org)/.
Software Title: 
Gas Resource Database
Software Description: 
GRI's Gas Resource Database on CD-ROM updates its decade-long work in natural gas composition assessment and U.S. unconventional gas resources. The disk is a tool for engineers, geologists and others involved in natural gas exploration, production, processing and transportation it features two databases with an expanded selection of statistics, including data by basin, formation, depth and gas composition. Formatted in Microsoft� Access, the databases can be exported to various formats and give usersquery, graphic and reporting capabilities. For pricing information, or to order (GRI-98/0634.3), visit GRI/Net at www.gri.org/gasresource/
Computer Platforms: 
PC and Macintosh
Free from the GRI WWW site.
Operating System: 
Windows 3.1, Windows NT and Windows 95, Mac OS