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Drillworks is an integrated geopressure and geomechanics solution from Knowledge Systems that is helping Exploration & Production companies worldwide improve their drilling success with new levels of risk reduction, cost savings, and drilling performance. The Drillworks solution of innovative Knowledge-Based Drilling software, training, and engineering consulting enables E&P companies to drill deeper, faster, and safer with less trouble and reduced costs. About Knowledge Systems For 20 years, Knowledge Systems' innovative Knowledge-Based Drilling software, training and consulting services have been used by E&P companies to avoid trouble while drilling and improve exploration and drilling success. Knowledge-Based drilling is the process of transforming the myriad and diverse data that is available at a geographic location into knowledge about geopressures as they affect drilling. Knowledge Systems has developed unmatched expertise and experience in geopressure and geomechanics analysis. Majors and independents worldwide rely on Knowledge Systems' software, geopressure consulting and training programs to achieve new levels of risk reduction, cost savings, and drilling performance. For more information, visit Knowledge Systems' web site.