SPWLA "TMYK" WEBINAR SERIES are paid for technical videos and may include commercialism.
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SPWLA The More You Know - Accurate Measured Porosity on Cuttings: Going Beyond T2 Cut Offs
SPWLA The More You Know - Introduction to NMR for Core Analysis
SPWLA The More You Know - Back to the Future - You Can Log Every Well Again
SPWLA The More You Know - Featuring PetroMar Technologies Team
SPWLA The More You Know - Quick and Data Rich Capillary Pressure using NMR
SPWLA The More You Know - Effectively Executing Multi-Well Petrophysical Projects
SPWLA The More You Know - A.I Surface Measurement While Drilling
SPWLA The More You Know - NMR Applications to Shale EOR Evaluation
SPWLA The More You Know - Applications Of NMR Diffusion And Profiling

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