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Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, May 17  


Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Presentation - 12-1pm PST

This month's presentation will be held as a webinar only.


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FastSCAL Discussion: Merging Physical and Digital Technologies



We will discuss four applications for using digital SCAL:


·         SCAL Leveraging: Matching existing SCAL data digitally and generating parametric sensitivities for Kr, Pc, Scanning curves. 


·         SCAL Upscaling: Using existing SCAL data for specific rock types to upscale to composite and mixed flow-unit cores.


·         Difficult SCAL Cases: Using digital technologies in cases where laboratory work is either impossible or impractical such as friable poorly cemented rocks, low permeability tight sands/carbonates, shales, diatomites, chalks, and caprocks.


·         Early Independent SCAL: Generating digital SCAL data digitally when there is no time for lab work in appraisals or exploration stages.


We will briefly discuss the “how” aspect of digital SCAL. We will focus on examples and highlight limitations and advantages of digital SCAL. The main point of the presentation is that the integration of physical and digital core analyses (routine and special) leads to improved certainty and confidence in static and dynamic production forecasting and decision making.

Speaker Bio:  

Abraham (Avrami) Grader: Core Analysis Domain Expert, Geosciences and Production, Wireline and Perforating, Halliburton. Avrami Grader interests are in multi-phase flow in porous media and reservoir heterogeneities. Formerly, a professor of petroleum engineering at Stanford and The Pennsylvania State University, Grader focused on two- and three-phase fluid flow in porous media, transient pressure analysis with its effects on well testing and water influx, and multi-phase flow dynamics in the near wellbore domain including wellbore mechanics. He served as Ingrain Chief Scientist for nine years and now with Halliburton as Domain Expert in core analysis and integration within the Geosciences & Production group. He is heavily involved in several aspects of integrating physical and digital core analysis methods and log upscaling. He was a 2022 global distinguished speaker for SPWLA and is the chair of the SPWLA scholarship committee. He serves on the SPE Reservoir Advisory Committee. He holds a PhD degree in Petroleum Engineering from Stanford University.

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