Alternative Subsurface/Energy Transition

The purpose of this SIG is the advancement of the science of petrophysics and formation evaluation in non-traditional and new environments, in particular low-carbon industries such as geothermal energy; carbon capture, utilisation and storage; nuclear waste storage and non-hydrocarbon extractive industries. The SIG will also provide a forum to conduct technical discussions concerning data acquisition, applications, interpretation, create awareness of petrophysics and formation evaluation within these industries and to develop/promote industry standards.

This group also needs to promote ourselves within the non-oil and gas world to show there is a need for petrophysics in this endeavour towards a net-zero world.  If you are exploring and drilling wells to record the subsurface with remote sensed equipment, better to have a petrophysicist to interpret this information. We are the experts!

It is open to all current members of the SPWLA who are directly involved or have an interest in learning or adding to the discussion around these different types of subsurface explorations. 

To contact the board listed below – email us at [email protected]

SIG Board:
Kelly Skuce (chair)
Tom Bradley (Vice-Chair)
Katy Larson (Secretary)
Barry Zhang (Treasurer)

The first board meeting occurred virtually on January 31,2022.


Board members: Kelly Skuce (chair), Tom Bradley (vice chair), Katy Larson (Secretary), Barry Zhang (Treasurer), Katerina Yared (SPWLA president elect)

Guests: Rodney Garrard (NAGRA), Joachim Strobel (BGE) – Nuclear Storage SMEs


SIG Publicity and Membership:

  • Discussion on a plan to publicise SIG and increase membership. Initial approach through LinkedIn posts and SIG updates in SPWLA Today newsletter. Kelly to action.
  • Agreed that SIG membership will be at no cost for the time being.

SIG Workshop at annual symposium:

  • Initially a 2 paragraph proposal/statement is needed for SPWLA. Can be relatively wide ranging with final program to be decided later.
  • SPWLA needs to have the proposal before 10th February, but ideally before 7th February.
    • Group to circulate ideas by email with initial proposal ready for review on Friday 4th February
    • Group to reconvene through Teams on Monday 7th February to determine final proposal for SPWLA. Tom to send invite.
  • Discussions amongst the group as to what we could do, with many useful ideas from Rodney and Joachim on Nuclear Storage
  • Agreed that we will plan for a 1 day workshop with ½ day on nuclear storage and ½ day on CCUS.
  • Rodney will circulate his work from NAGRA (Swiss radioactive waste disposal company) for ideas.
  • Joachim, Rodney to find potential presenters in their network for the Nuclear portion.

Alternative Subsurface/Energy Transition SIG Organizing Executive Committee
  *   Chair: Kelly Skuce, Core Petrophysical Consulting
  *   Vice Chair: Tom Bradley, Baker Hughes
  *   Secretary: Katy Larson, Battelle
  *   Treasurer: Barry Zhang, Quantico Energy Solutions


All of the ASET SIG board members can be contacted via this single email alias: [email protected]