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SPWLA Petrophysical Data-Driven Analytics Special Interest Group (PDDA-SIG)

Following the positive feedback of the recently conducted special interest group (SIG) survey during 2018 SPWLA Spring topical conference, we are pleased to announce the formation of a new SPWLA special interest group dedicated on Petrophysical Data-Driven Analytics (PDDA). The vision for establishing a PDDA-SIG began at the 2018 SPWLA Spring topic conference in Houston, where more than 60 industry professionals (core analyst, tool physicists, petrophysists, geologist etc.) and data scientists attended to discuss the applications of advanced data analytics techniques to challenging petrophysical interpretations and oil field operations. Most of the conference attendees showed great interest and preregistered themselves as members of SPWLA PDDA SIG.

The goals of the PDDA-SIG are to create a venue for exchanging and sharing knowledge and best practices of applying advanced data analytics to solve challenging big-data-related problems in the oil and gas exploration and development. It aims to foster the cross-disciplinary technical collaborations between practitioners in academic and different sectors of O&G industry, and to promote networking for industry professionals.

The PDDA-SIG will cover the following primary technical areas:

  • geological–petrophysical interpretation

  • sensor and logging technology

  • rock physics and geomechanics

  • oil field operation improvement

  • data QC and management

  • AI assisted  automation

Participation in the PDDA-SIG is open for any practitioner and student who are interested in this subject matter. Please use following URL in LinkedIn Group for PDDA-SIG member registration:
[email protected]

The PDDA-SIG Executive Committee (2022-2023)

Chairman: Hyungjoo Lee ([email protected])
Vice Chairman: Lei Fu ([email protected])
Chief Event Organizer: Wen Pan ([email protected])
Secretary/Accountant: Jaehyuk Lee ([email protected])
Advisors:  Michael Ashby, [email protected]; Yanxiang Yu, [email protected]; Andy McDonald, [email protected]

Hyungjoo Lee

Lei Fu

Wen Pan

Jaehyuk Lee

Michael Ashby

Yanxiang Yu

Andy McDonald