Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) SIG

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NMR Today and Tomorrow

Downhole, at the Wellsite and in the Lab

Following last year’s success of the first ever SPWLA Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Special Interest Group conference, the NMR SIG has the pleasure of inviting you to join us on June 20th - 21st, 2019 at Southwestern Energy, 10000 Energy Dr., Spring, TX, 77389 for a 1½-day conference filled with knowledge sharing, technical training, and multi-discipline collaboration specific to NMR petrophysics and formation evaluation.

Call for abstracts CLOSED, contact

Suggested NMR topics for abstracts are listed below. Please limit your abstract to 300 words. Those selected for oral presentations will have 15 minutes for their presentation, plus 5 minutes for questions. Those selected for poster presentations will present at the poster session, and poster boards will be left on display throughout.

Rock characterization and integrated petrophysics

  • Carbonate pore typing, capillary pressure, permeability, pore-size distributions, wettability
  • Core-log integration, case-studies, added value

Hydrocarbon and fluid typing

  • Heavy oil, viscosity, tar-mat identification
  • Light hydrocarbon and gas detection
  • Invasion profiling, movable hydrocarbon

Unconventional reservoirs

  • Clay-bound water, bitumen, movable hydrocarbon, surface relaxation models
  • Integration with other measurements, such as mineralogy, TOC

Inversion techniques

  • Multi-dimensional inversions, influence of tool artifacts
  • Machine learning applications, user-free interpretation

State-of-the-art instrumentation

  • Latest developments in hardware for wireline, logging while drilling, wellsite, and lab analysis

This conference will be conducted as an “off-the-record” forum with no publication of any material presented. We encourage the presenters and participants to share their case studies, conceptual innovations, new methodologies and latest technologies. Video recording, photographing or quoting of speakers or their presentations will be expressly prohibited. Company logos should be limited to the title slide to indicate the affiliations of the author and co-authors. Commercialism during presentations is not permitted. While we have arranged this conference to follow immediately after and in the vicinity of the SPWLA 2019 Annual Symposium, we do not intend to repeat any presentations from the annual symposium.

Conference registration fee: $100 for industry professionals / $50 for students. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks included. Social event/dinner at the end of the first day not included.

Registration links:

(1)     Both the SPWLA 2019 annual symposium & the NMR SIG conference

(2)     Just the NMR SIG conference

Co-chairs: Nate Bachman, Philip Singer

Organizing committee: Holger Thern, Pedro Romero Rojas, Harry Xie, Emmanuel Caroli, Boqin Sun, Songhua Chen, Paulo Netto, Ron Bonnie, Gabor Hursan, Olabode Ijasan, Scott Jacobsen

NMR SIG Executive Committee: (President) Mark Butler , (Vice President) Stefan Hertel , (Secretary) Ron Bonnie , (Treasurer) Tianmin Jiang, (Publication Editor) Lu Chi, (At Large Members): Jinhong Chen, Paul Connolly, Abraham Simanjuntak, Harry Xie

NMR SIG was established in September 2016, as one of the outcomes of the 2016 SPWLA Spring Topical Conference on NMR, to provide a focal organization designed to bring the NMR community of experts and practitioners together to educate each other as well as the broader community on the proven concepts and applications of NMR. The SIG will also serve as a venue to discuss new ideas for technology and applications to enhance understanding of the formations and the fluids contained in them. The SIG’s initial goals include, establishing industry standards for NMR measurements, publishing a special volume in Petrophysics with peer reviewed technical papers on NMR technologies and applications and establishing a committee to organize future SIG conferences and workshops.
Membership in the NMR SIG is open to all current members in good standing of the SPWLA at no additional fee. It is a great opportunity to learn and contribute to the advancement of NMR to formation evaluation as well as to network and work with the experts in this field.

Executive Committee:


Mark Butler (Halliburton)

Vice President

Stefan Hertel (Shell)


Tianmin Jiang (Schlumberger)


Ron Bonnie (ConocoPhillips)

Publications Editor

Lu Chi (iRock Technologies)

At Large Members

Jinhong Chen (Aramco)

Paul Connolly (University of Western Australia)

Abraham Simanjuntak (Pertamina EP)

Harry Xie (CoreLab)

We look forward to your participation in the NMR SIG.