SPWLA High Angle and HoriZontal Wells 
Special Interest Group

Mission Statement
Our mission is to create a collaborative forum where Geologists, Geophysicists, Petrophysicists as well as Geomechanical, Reservoir, and Completion Engineers can propose and deliberate solutions to mitigate the challenges in accomplishing the common goal of more accurate formation evaluation in high angle and horizontal wells.  The SIG encourages the integration of all data including core, drilling, logging, surface data, and any other available data to aid in attaining this goal.  The long term benefits of our SIG to the industry will be improved the formation evaluation,  drilling and well placement techniques, more complete reservoir understanding and more effective completion designs in high angle and horizontal wells.

SIG Contact: HAHZ@spwla.org


HAHZ SIG Board Committee 2018/19

Shim Yen Han


Jiaxin Wang


Haijing Wang


Mike Gillen


Hathairat Watcharophat


Hanming Wang

Technical committee

Hui Xie

Technical Committee

Raja M. Shahnawaz Khan

Technical Committee

Susana Gutiérrez Carrilero

Technical Committee

Bhaskar Bikash Sarmah

Technical Committee

Ed Stockhausen

Technical Committee

Xiaoyan Zhong

Technical Committee

Ting Li

Technical Committee

Jiefu Chen

Technical Committee

Michael Rabinovich

Technical Committee

Cai Jun

Technical Committee


Useful Resources
GR Reference List
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Resistivity Reference List
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