Formation Testing SIG (FTSIG) was established in December 2010 to advance formation pressure and sampling knowledge

Our annual technical meeting was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
The FT SIG steering committee team recognized the importance of staying  connected and share the great work done by our colleges.
We decided to have a series of the webinars to replace this year annual meeting, the agenda for the webinars is below.
Webinars are free for SPWLA members, a small fee is charged to others. 

October 07th Session




Applications and Best Practices for Wireline Formation Tester Cased-Hole Sampling Techniques

S. Al Refaei, A. Ron, Kuwait Oil Company, G. Schlachter, L. Viet, Baker Hughes

8:00 AM

Well­Testing, in­situ Fluid Sampling, and Stress Determination Methods for Unconventional Reservoirs

Azari, M., Tahani, H., Hamza, F. and Hashmi, G., Halliburton

8:30 AM




October 28th Session




Maximizing Value from Mudlogs: Integrated Approach to Determine Net Pay

Malik, Mayank, Chevron USA  Azari, .,

8:00 AM

Formation Sampling in Ultra-Low Mobility Reservoirs with the Aid of Targeted Stimulation

Mustapha Berkane (Saudi Aramco), Colin Tisdale (Saudi Aramco), Wael Soleiman (Halliburton)

8:30 AM


Steering Committee:


Wilson Pineda, BP

Vice-Chair Technology

Chengli Dong, Shell


Anup Hunnur, Baker Hughes


Soraya Betancourt , Schlumberger


Yan Dong, Repsol

W. Wade Samec, Halliburton

Carlos Torres-Verdin, The University of Texas at Austin

Mark Proett, Independent Consultant

Camilo Gelvez, The University of Texas at Austin

David DiGloria, ExxonMobil

The SIG plans to host one meeting per year on various topics pertaining to formation testing.

  Some general SIG activities anticipated:
- SIG related meetings, workshops, short courses, and sessions at general/annual meetings
- Maintain contacts with other professional societies that are also concerned with formation testing
- Web-based information exchange, perhaps including posting of papers, experts list, question area
- Provide leadership for technical standardization activities or QA/QC related with pressure measurements or fluid sample acquisition

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