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Integration and Upscaling of Core-Based Relative Permeability Measurements into Petrophysical and Geologic Modelling: A Case Study of the Delaware and Midland Basins
By: James Greene

Relative permeability describes the dimensionless reduction of flow capacity for a fluid phase during multi-phase flow conditions, which will dictate the fractional flow at specific fluid saturations. The free fluid saturation (1-Sor-Swir) described by the relative permeability curves in unconventional reservoirs indicate that relatively small saturation changes can result in drastic changes in fluid phase mobility. As a result, many liquid-rich unconventional plays experience wide ranges of water production, despite seemingly similar saturations. A core-based workflow will be presented for determining relative permeability behavior using mercury injection capillary pressure (MICP) drainage-imbibition measurements. Core data are applied via petrophysical framework and engineering equations of state (EOS) to model fractional flow at surface for comparison to observed production. Core to log integrative examples from the Delaware and Midland Basins will be shown, in addition to regional extrapolation of the calibrated petrophysics into a geologic modeling framework. The resulting solution with quantified water productivity provides insight towards both existing and future well production, leading to improved development decisions. A concluding note on the application of drill cuttings and conventional reservoir applications will also be presented..

Speaker Biography:
James Greene is manager for the PoroLabs business unit at NuTech Energy Alliance. He received dual B.S. in geology and petroleum engineering from Louisiana State University in 2014 and 2015. James was formerly a technical advisor for core analysis services at ALS Oil & Gas Laboratories. His experience also includes facility management, production, and development responsibilities for domestic onshore and international offshore assignments at Noble Energy and Wapiti Energy.



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