The SPWLA Permian Basin Chapter

 Tuesday, March 26, 2019

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

"Unconventional As-Received Electrical Properties Technique"

Presented by R. Ray Hanna, Petrophysics Manager at Core Laboratories'

Midland College, Scharbauer Student Center, Carrasco Room
 (3600 N Garfield, See Map)

The Cost Is $35 
No RSVP Necessary 
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The dire need to account for the in-situ wettability and their effects on the Electrical Properties measurements (m & n), mandated to come up with this refined technique to account for wettability effects accurately and efficiently.  

Ideally, “fresh-state” testing is preferred so as not to alter the rock fabric or change its wetting affinity. A key component of this technique, is to account accurately for the formation brine resistivity (R
w) that is saturating the "fresh-state” sample, which is often unknown particularly in reservoirs that do not produce water.  

wCoreTM on “fresh-state” core samples can provide precise formation brine resistivity (Rw).  This patented technique is independent of lithology, water saturation, and/or hydrocarbon saturation.

Initially, native resistivity (R
t) along with the formation brine resistivity (Rw) are determined on the “fresh-state” sample.  Additional (Rt) values can be established by further draining of the fresh-state samples.

At the conclusion of the electrical properties measurements; samples go through Dean Stark Residual Fluid Saturation analysis to provide material balance required for water saturation refinement that correspond to each of the fresh-state (R
t) points, basic properties will be measured after cleaning is done.  

Fresh-state “m”, “n” and “a” parameters will be derived using this technique, and in which they are needed for accurate log calibration and water saturation modelling. 


R. Ray Hanna is the Petrophysics Manager at Core Laboratories’ Advanced Technology Center in Houston, TX.  Ray holds a BSc. in Geology minor Physics and Math from Cairo University - Egypt. Ray has worked in Core Analysis for 30+ years and has played a leading role in the development of the Core Laboratories RwCoreTMPatented technology, as well as introducing the Dielectric response measurements technology on plugs in the servicing sector.  Ray is a member of SPWLA, SPE and Rt-Sig.


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