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May 28th Social

Luncheon and Learn

 Tuesday, April 30, 2019

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

"Realistic and rapid workflows for acquiring lateral log-type data from cutting samples"

Presented by Milly Wright, Director of Operations for Chemostrat

Midland College, Scharbauer Student Center, Carrasco Room
 (3600 N Garfield, See Map)

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Realistic and rapid workflows for acquiring lateral log-type data from cutting samples

With the continued importance of enhancing production from unconventional plays there is an on-going need to acquire petrophysical data from laterals wells. Traditionally, such data are acquired using lateral-logs, but in the factory-drilling mode of the unconventional plays today, running logs in laterals is prohibitive in terms of cost and time. However, the type of data logs provide are still needed, but they need to be gathered quickly and without significant additional cost – how to achieve this?

The workflow outlined here measures mineralogy, TOC, RHOB, RHOM and porosity, thereby enabling calculation of rock mechanical moduli. These data are gathered on cuttings samples that have been linked to MWD Gamma to ensure formation representivity. The advantages of this approach are low cost and low risk, but clearly the disadvantage is the lower resolution than comparable data from logs.

The presentation graphically demonstrate the workflow from receipt of sample, though preparation and analysis to output and integration will be graphically demonstrated. Examples of output from the Permian Basin will be shown, together with comparisons to the same data gathered in more traditional ways.

Lateral-log type data from cuttings samples in lateral wells are provided within days at a fraction of the cost of running logs and without the associated risks and logistics. Therefore, it is a realistic and real alternative to running logs that provide fit-for-purpose data.

Milly has spent the last 15+ years working the field of chemostratigraphy and bulk elemental analyses, and as Director of Operations for Chemostrat Inc, in Houston has studied elemental datasets and their interpretations in wide variety of depositional environments and plays all over the world. Milly is originally from the U.K. and graduated with her undergraduate degree in geology from the University of Leicester in 2000, she then completed her master’s degree in geology from University of Houston in 2010. Her graduate research largely focused on identifying facies and provenance changes using an integrated chemostratigraphic and sequence stratigraphic approach in the Ferron Sandstone, Utah. Over the last few years Milly’s research has predominantly focused on resource plays, regularly presenting at local and national conferences. Outside of work Milly spends her time on the dance floor and is an experienced ballroom and latin dancer.


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