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Blending In The Near Field and Far Field Reservoir Characterization


High Angle and Horizontal Wells (HAHZ) Special Interest Group and Japan Formation Evaluation Society (JFES) committee would like to invite you to join the
2023 HAHZ workshop on 11th 12th September 2023 at the Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation Technology & Research Center (JOGMEC-TRC), Chiba, Japan.

This workshop is open to all SPWLA, affiliated and non-SPWLA members. We aim to facilitate knowledge sharing and multi-discipline collaboration specific to high angle data acquisition, well placement and evaluations.

Call for Abstracts is Now Open!

Abstract shall contain 200-400 words with 20 minutes presentation on the following topics:

Geosteering / Reservoir Mapping
▪    3D reservoir mapping
▪    Look-ahead technologies
▪    Hydrocarbon mapping and producibility
▪    New technology and advancement in modelling/processing
Interpretation / Formation Evaluation
▪    HAHZ well interpretation and challenges
▪    Inter-well formation evaluation
▪    Transition/swept/depleted reservoirs
▪    Borehole imaging technologies and applications
Drilling Engineering / Operation
▪    Depth & well position uncertainty
▪    Drilling automation
▪    Operational issues for logging in HA wells
Data Integration / Application
▪    Completion design and modelling
▪    Frac optimization and mapping
▪    Surface logging applications
▪    Rock vs Logs integration
CCUS Applications
▪    HZ vs vertical/deviated wells for CO2 storage and injection efficiency
Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence
▪    HAHZ drilling and evaluation
▪    HZ well completion optimization and production prediction

Please submit your abstract online

Abstract Deadline: April 30th, 2023
If you have any enquiries, you can reach us via [email protected]
SPWLA is a non-profit organization run by oilfield professional volunteers. If your company is interested in the sponsorship opportunity, please get in touch with our committee.
Organizing Committee
If you would like to take part in the workshop organizing committee, technical reviewer, or session chair, please contact us by email below.

HAHZ workshop will be conducted in off-the- record basis with no proceeding publication and no recording to encourage open discussion and sharing of information. We would like to encourage participants and presenters to share their case studies (could include published examples), new methodologies and latest technologies which may or may not yet be ready to officially publish.

SPWLA High Angle and HoriZontal Wells 
Special Interest Group

Mission Statement
Our mission is to create a collaborative forum where Geologists, Geophysicists, Petrophysicists as well as Geomechanical, Reservoir, and Completion Engineers can propose and deliberate solutions to mitigate the challenges in accomplishing the common goal of more accurate formation evaluation in high angle and horizontal wells.  The SIG encourages the integration of all data including core, drilling, logging, surface data, and any other available data to aid in attaining this goal.  The long term benefits of our SIG to the industry will be improved the formation evaluation,  drilling and well placement techniques, more complete reservoir understanding and more effective completion designs in high angle and horizontal wells.

SIG Contact: [email protected]


HAHZ SIG Board Committee 2023/24

Shim Yen Han (Yenny)


Ronald Brown


Meretta Qleibo


Siti Najmi Farhan Zulkipli


Bhaskar Bikash Sarmah

Technical Committee

Susana Gutiérrez Carrilero

Technical Committee

Hathairat Watcharophat (Bee)

Technical Committee

Jiaxin Wang

Technical Committee

Marta Inés D´Angiola

Technical Committee

Rasheed Rahman

Technical Committee


Useful Resources
GR Reference List
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Resistivity Reference List
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